Horseback riding on Bornholm


Horseback riding on Bornholm is one of the forms of active recreation, we can go horseback riding almost all over the island - there are marked trails for this, it is allowed, among others, in the Almindingen forest, Paradisbakkerne, Hammeren or on some beaches. On Bornholm, you can ride at walking pace and trot on asphalt roads, paved roads and gravel roads greater than 2.5 meters wide.

It is forbidden to ride in the areas of castles, barrows and other ancient monuments or in the clearings. In addition, you are not allowed to ride when the signage indicates that horse riding is prohibited.

Studs on Bornholm

There are several horse studs on the island offering rides on designated roads. The attraction of active holidays for the youngest candidates are gentle Icelandic horses.

Lessons for complete beginners, as well as the possibility of riding the advanced ones, are offered, all over the Bornholm. Riding a horse along the gentle, green coast and sandy beach between Ronne and Hasle is an unforgettable experience, also for observers.

Bornholms Brand Park Trot Track, Bornholm

Bornholms Brand Park
Trot Track

Bornholms Brand Park is the world's smallest permanent trot track with a circumference of only 580 meters. The shortest distance is 1600 m and it is 2.5 laps. On the last lap, a bell rings from the judge's tower. The run is about 160 meters long, in the first row behind the starting carriage it holds 5 horses.

The racetrack is located in the center of Bornholm, in the middle of the Almindingen forest, so it can be easily reached from all parts of the island. It is located right on the road from Svaneke to Rønne, just a few kilometers north of Aakirkeby. This means that everyone, no matter where spends his vacation on the island, has to travel more than 20 kilometers. Ample parking at the track offers plenty of parking space.

Harnessed trotting races have been held regularly since the summer of 1960 and are watched by thousands of visitors, locals and campers every year. A day at the racetrack is certainly a great experience for the whole family.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the national sport of Bornholm. Almost every horse owner on the island puts it in trot races on the track in Almindingen from time to time. Apparently there are about 500 racehorses on the island. 125 amateur jockeys take part in horse racing on Bornholm. Every year, during the 30 days of competition, the entire Bornholm trotting community gathers every Tuesday evening. More than ten jockeys compete in each race. The prize pool is small, and the trophies are unfortunately small - which of course it does not diminish the fun of playing.

Horse Racing Betting

You can also bet on horses at horse racing. The wins aren't big, but we'll definitely have a lot of fun.

The season starts in April and lasts until fall. It's best to participate in races during the holiday season. If you want to have a good day of racing and enjoy the atmosphere, it is worth arriving a little earlier and looking behind the scenes to see the horses participating in the competition in the stable. On site, we can easily organize a picnic for the whole family.

Detailed information about the races can be found in the Bornholms Brand Park competition calendar.

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