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The town of Årsdale on Bornholm

Årsdale is located on the east coast of the island of Bornholm, north of Nexø and is one of the island's largest fishing village. There are 460 inhabitants here, who mainly deal with fishing.
The port of Årsdale was built in 1869, a special attraction of this place is the smokehouse, which is considered one of the best on Bornholm. Above the city you can see Årsdale Mølle, one of the most beautiful windmills on Bornholm.
Årsdale Bay is home to many species of sea birds that nest here.

History of the city of Årsdale

It is not known exactly when this fishing village was founded, it was first mentioned in 1410 by fishermen, who often stopped here to store his catches. In addition to fish, the main food was potatoes, which were grown in the surrounding fields. The original character of Årsdale has been preserved to this day in small holiday homes.
The port is often used by sailors as a destination, but the number of fishing boats still dominates.

What to see in Årsdale

Årsdale Mill - is a large windmill, which is the main symbol of the city. It is located on the road Svaneke to Nexø. The mill was built in 1877 and still works. Visitors can go inside and see how flour is made. But the mill also has a stone grinder that processes sandstone and granite that can be found in the area. Jewelry, watches and other beautiful things are created here that can be bought in the store. In 1877, Müller Mikkelsen built a brickyard and surrounding houses. In 1880, a bakery was built. Årsdale Mølle has been a historic building since 1959.

Årsdale Smokehouse - Fish are processed directly in the local smokehouse or sold fresh here. Three smokehouses are still active in the small fishing village. Vacationers can watch smoking here and buy freshly smoked fish.

Årsdale Harbor - Founded in 1869, it is often a haven for sailors, but fishing boats dominate here. An interesting place in Årsdale is Oren, a headland that extends into the sea and is freely accessible to visitors.

Attractions in the area around Årsdale

Paradisbakkerne - a paradise hill, is a rocky hilly landscape in the eastern part of the island of Bornholm, between Svaneke and Nexø, which owes its shape to the Ice Age. Especially Rokkestenen, one of the famous stones on Bornholm, attracts many tourists to the romantic forest.

How to get there

Bicycle route Rønne - Arsdale

Joboland - Brændesgårdshaven - Bornholms theme park is in the middle of the fields near Svaneke. The property offers various activities for young and old in the season from May to September.

How to get there

Bicycle route Svaneke - Østermarie 

Sankt Ibs Kirke - Whitewashed church of Skt. Ibs is located near Svaneke. The church tower is visible from afar. The church is dedicated to Saint James and is called the church of Saint. Jacob. The oldest part of the church is the Romanesque west tower.

How to get there

Bicycle route Svaneke - Aakirkeby 

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