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In the centre of Bornholm, at the crossroads between Rønne, Klemensker, Østerlars and Aakirkeby, is the small town of Årsballe. Whoever comes here will, above all, find peace and nature. The village consists of a row of small half-timbered houses and has only a small supermarket and a few shops.
Årsballe also has a holiday park with small holiday cottages for holidaymakers. Årsballe is an ideal base for long hikes and walks. Directly behind Årsballe starts the Almindingen forest, through which hiking trails lead amidst dense trees. There are also wide fields and a small lake surrounded by reeds. Due to its location, Årsballe is an ideal place for those who want to explore the whole island, as every corner of the island can be reached in less than 30 minutes.

Aarsballe on Bornholm

Sights and monuments around Årsballe

There are no great sights in Årsballe, but it is close to Aakirkeby. The history of the small town, with almost 2000 inhabitants, dates back to the 12th century. At that time Aarkirkeby church was built, making it the oldest church on Bornholm. The church was the seat of religion on Bornholm for a very long time and was the centre of power for the Bishop of Lund before Hammershus castle was built. More and more people settled around the church. As the town grew, so did its influence. However, some settlers decided to leave Aarkirkeby. Thus, small towns such as Årsballe were established, as were individual farms outside villages all over the island.

Art and culture

When it comes to art and culture, however, people have always been drawn to Aarkirkeby. Small half-timbered houses and flowerbeds stand around the market square. There is also a gallery in the town, which exclusively displays paintings and artworks by Danish artists. But Aakirkeby is not the only place for those interested in culture and history. Thanks to its central location on the island, all the island's attractions can be reached in a maximum of 30 minutes. In the immediate vicinity of Årsballe to the east is the town of Østerlars with its round church and the Medieval Centre. North of Årsballe is Klemensker, a small town with a historic church. Driving a few more kilometres north, you will reach Olsker, where another round church stands at the entrance to the village. On a large estate west of Årsballe is the Rovflugeshow, this is Bornholm's bird of prey show, which offers visitors flight demonstrations of owls, buzzards, hawks and eagles.

Årsballe is an ideal holiday destination for people who are looking for peace and seclusion but want to spend their holidays close to the beaches. Årsballe is the right place for active holiday makers who enjoy cycling and hiking.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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