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Lobbæk is a small village in the south of Bornholm. The village is situated about five kilometres from the south coast of Bornholm, on the road between Rønne and Nexø. Fields, meadows and hills characterise the landscape around Lobbæk - a paradise for walkers and cyclists. The Almindingen forest area stretches a few kilometres north of Lobbæk and offers particularly beautiful hiking trails.
Holidays in Lobbæk are not only recommended for walkers and cyclists, but also for anyone looking for peace and relaxation. Holiday homes in the village and holiday homes a little south of Lobbæk on the coast are ideal as accommodation. The beaches in the south of Bornholm offer excellent bathing with fine white sand.

Tourist destinations and sights

From Lobbæk you can quickly reach many places of interest on the island.
The town of Nylars, two kilometres from Lobbæk in the direction of Rønne, is home to one of the four-round churches for which Bornholm is famous. The round church in Nylars was built around 1150. The round nave has a diameter of eleven metres. Inside are frescoes from the 13th century and two runestones. The white-painted church is one of the most photographed buildings on the island.

The round church in Nylars

Another place to visit is Aakirkeby, which is located six kilometres from Lobbæk. In Aakirkeby we can visit two interesting museums and a historic church building. The old Aa church, built around 1150 in Romanesque style, is not round, but thanks to the double church tower it is impressive. All tourists interested in technology will be enthusiastic about the Aakirkeby Motor Museum. The collected collection includes 75 classic cars such as BMW, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce and other famous brands. You can also see old radios and gramophones.

Aakirkeby Automotive Museum

The museum, an educational and entertainment centre called NaturBornholm, was established in 2001 in a large, very modern building. The museum is dedicated to the flora and fauna of Bornholm and Scandinavia. The museum organises group events for children. In front of the museum is a "natural playground" with wooden ladders, a lake and caves to crawl into.

NaturBornholm education and leisure centre

On the southwestern part of the island, near Lobbæk, golf enthusiasts will find a beautiful 18-hole course called "Bornholms Golf Club".

tovbanen on Bornholm
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