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!!! CORONA / COVID-19 INFO !!!

Travels to Denmark and Bornholm

Denmark has closed its borders for all foreign holiday travellers. That means, that you only can travel to Denmark if you have a worthy purpose (check your home state’s own travel advice and quarantine rules). This is valid until February 28, 2021.
Please note: Are you ill upon arrival at the border, the Danish police can deny you entry into Denmark. Find more information here. Upon your entry, you must present a valid ID (passport or national ID). The question of entry is at the discretion of the Danish police.
The direct ferry service from Sassnitz/Germany to Bornholm is discontinued temporarily until March 27, 2021. Alternatively, you can travel with the night ferry service to Bornholm from Køge (south of Copenhagen), if you do not want to travel via Sweden. See all options here.

Do you have questions concerning your travel to Denmark?
You can also contact the Arrivals Hotline of the Danish Police at +45 7020 6044 (Mon-Fri 8 am – 4 pm and weekends and holidays 9 am – 2 pm).

Travelling from Denmark to Bornholm via Sweden

You are allowed to travel between Denmark and Bornholm via Sweden – without any stop (you may change train on your way to and from the ferry harbour in Ystad). Please note: Remember to bring valid documentation for your travel (Ferry, bus or train ticket, as well as a valid ticket for the Øresundsbro / Brobizz), as well as driver’s license/passport for the border control. From February 6, all travellers above 18 years, have to present a negative corona test upon entry to Sweden (PCR- or quicktest/anti-bodytest). The test must not be older than 48 hours.

(If you do not want to travel via Sweden, you can fly with DAT from Copenhagen to Bornholm, or you can travel with Bornholmslinjens ferry from Køge to Bornholm.)

Special Corona-restrictions apply to the whole country – also Bornholm

Danish Health Authorities have implemented special Corona-restrictions to all of Denmark, also Bornholm. That means for example, that restaurants, cafés and bars are closed (take-away-food is still possible to get), museums, cinemas, fitness centres, etc. are also closed. The Health Authorities also strongly recommend you to see only a few people and for a short time. Read more here.

You could be put into quarantine upon your home-coming

Several countries have opened their borders to Denmark and vice versa, but the Corona-situation can change very quickly. Therefore you may be asked to stay at home in quarantine after your home-coming. We advise you to check your home country’s current directions and guidelines before and under your travel to Bornholm.

Keep your distance – also on Bornholm The Danish guidelines and advice also apply to Bornholm. Please keep your distance to others, wash your hands and cough or sneeze into your sleeve – not your hands. Please follow the local authorities guidelines and restrictions.

Wear a protective face mask in Denmark

In Denmark, it is mandatory to wear a protective facemask. You need to wear a mask:
- in public transportation and on all train stations, bus stations, ferry terminals and airports
- inside all buildings with public access (museums, supermarkets, shopping centres, fitness centers, libraries, cinemas, etc) – valid from October 29, 2020,
- in restaurants, cafées, pubs and bars – upon entering and leaving
- in hospitals, clinics and at the doctor’s

Please note, that a public transportation company can deny you public transportation if you don’t wear a mask. Ferries, planes and trains have introduced further security precautions to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.

Please note that Denmark has currently implemented an assembly ban for more than 5 people at a time. However, there are exemptions, also concerning private events and working places.

When you want to go shopping on Bornholm, please limit the number of persons going shopping together. This helps to keep a distance between the other traders.

Call a doctor, if you are on Bornholm and suspect that you are infected

If you are on Bornholm and need to get in contact with a doctor for advice, if you have been in contact with an infected person, or if you suspect that you are infected, you can contact the local doctors by phone. You can see the list of local doctors here. After 4 PM the doctors can be contacted on tel. 1813 (if you don’t have a Danish CPR number, just wait for an operator to answer).
If you are showing mild symptoms on COVID-19, you do not need to contact a doctor, but you can book an appointment to get tested on the website
Please take note of the Corona-Warn-App Smitte|Stop. All Danes and people living in Denmark are requested to download and use this app on their smartphone as a digital tool to detect and eliminate chains of infection.
It is essential that you do not contact the local doctor or the emergency room in person when suspecting infection. Contact the doctor by phone first.

You can get tested for COVID-19 on Bornholm While being on Bornholm you can get tested for COVID-19 (virus or antibodies).

The test centre is located at Ullasvej 39C, 3700 Rønne – opposite to Bornholms Hospital (see map here). Please make an appointment in advance. The test itself is free of charge. Read more under

There is also a mobile test center on Bornholm, which stops at different locations. Here are the dates and places where you can get tested this week:

February 8, 2021, 10.30 am – 1.15 pm: Nexø Skole, Kong Gustavs vej 10 a, 3730 Nexø
February 10, 2021, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm: Allinge, Havnegade 1C, 3770 Allinge
1.30 – 3.30 pm: Pavillonen in Østermarie, Idrætsvej 1, 3751 Østermarie
February 12, 2021, 10.30 am – 1.30 pm: Supermarket Kvickly Nexø, Købmagergade 12, entrance from Smallegade, 3730 Nexø

Please note: Danish citizens will get their results within 48 hours via the platform, while foreign citizens will only be contacted by the health authorities if their test is positive.

The situation changes quickly – please keep your self updated

The situation regarding new infections in Denmark or other countries can change very quickly, which is why we provide the information on this page tentatively.
Please also check your local authorities for further information. HERE 

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