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Tourist information on Bornholm


When you come to Bornholm, you can visit the main and largest Bornholm Tourist Information office in Rønne at Nordre Kystvej 3, as well as branches in the main towns of Nexø, Gudhjem, Svaneke, Hasle, Aakirkeby and Allinge.
At all Bornholm Tourist Information centres, you will get information about the island and its attractions. The people at Bornholm Tourist Information in the various towns are irreplaceable experts in their area and will be happy to provide you with information about accommodation on Bornholm, attractions, transport to and from the island and any other information you may need.
Please note that not all Tourist Information offices on Bornholm are open all year round.

Tourist information in Allinge

Sverigesvej 11
3770 Allinge
Contact: Tel. +45 5695 9500

Tourist information in Gudhjem

Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 27
3760 Gudhjem
Contact: Tel. +45 5695 9500

Tourist information in Nexø

Havnen 4B
3730 Nexø
Contact: Tel. 45 5695 9500

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