Suikido Natural Healing Retreat Center

We are a treatment center, movement space and retreat center located on the rocky island of Bornholm in Denmark.

We work with natural ways to regain health and strengthen vitality.

Natural Healing Bornholm is a dynamic and vibrant place for everyone who is searching for natural ways to a life of movement, knowledge, value and health.

Treatment is harmonious naturalistic ways to treat and balance the health challenges one may encounter in life. Our natural treatment modalities are movement, holistic bodywork, dietary therapy and herbal medicine.

Lifestyle is a selection of educational life-skill programs. The essence is practical knowledge to make your everyday life the place where you nourish, purify, heal and build up.

Retreats are seasonal refuge seminars at Natural Healing retreat center. A sanctuary on the Island of Bornholm for learning, moving, purifying, going in-depth and being in nature.



Skovgårdsvejen 8, Vestermarie, 3700 Rønne

Open time

Open when retreats are running. See our retreat calendar here: Besides this we have flexible open hours. Feel welcome to contact us.




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