Webcams on Bornholm: Your Window to Scenic Views

Discover Bornholm from a new perspective with webcams offering breathtaking views of this picturesque island. Whether you're an avid traveler, a nature lover, or simply curious about the world, the webcams on Bornholm transport you to the heart of this unique location without leaving your home.

Explore Every Corner of Bornholm

  1. Current Weather Conditions: Planning a bike ride, a hiking adventure, or just want to explore the island? The webcams on Bornholm provide real-time information on weather conditions, helping you perfectly plan your day.

  2. Summer Attractions: During the summer months, the webcams become a window to the vibrant live scenes of Bornholm. Watch in real-time as beaches, ports, and charming towns bustle with life, feeling the island's atmosphere even from afar.

  3. Discover Hidden Gems: Bornholm is more than just its popular attractions. With the webcams, you can uncover lesser-known but equally fascinating spots hidden on the island.

Olsker: Bornholm - Oplev Solnedgang i Vang Vang

View from the hill to the town of Vang and the sea

Gudhjem › Wschód: Capital Region - Pladsen Gudhjem

View from the campsite east of Gudhjem

Vestermarie: Bornholm - Ronne Havn Ronne

View of the port of Ronne - the capital of the island of Bornholm

Aakirkeby › Wschód: Bornholm rute Aakirkeby

View of the intersection of Ronne - Nexo streets in the Aakirkeby area

Gudhjem › Wschód: Sannes Familiecamping Gudhjem

View from the campsite to the Melsted beach

Vestermarie: Bornholm - Airport Airport

View of the only airport on Bornholm in the Arnager area

Weather and Climate on Bornholm: Enchanting Summers and Mild Winters – The Charm of Bornholm's Climate

Bornholm, often referred to as the 'Mallorca of the North' and the 'Sunny Island', is a gem of the Baltic Sea, offering a unique climate that attracts tourists from all over the world. Its moderate maritime climate provides cool yet pleasant summers and mild winters, creating ideal conditions for exploring this picturesque island all year round.

Temperature: A Perfect Balance Between Summer and Winter

On Bornholm, temperatures are surprisingly mild, with little variation between seasons. The average summer temperature hovers around 20 °C, though it can occasionally rise above 30 °C. Winters are mild, thanks to the warm front of the Baltic Sea, making Bornholm a unique place in Denmark.

Precipitation: Less Rain, More Sun

Bornholm boasts less rainfall than the rest of Denmark, especially during the summer months, which is conducive to tourism and outdoor activities. Winters, though more humid, bring the most snow to the island in the country, creating picturesque landscapes.

Water Temperature: From Cool Spring to Warm Summer

In spring, the Baltic Sea slowly warms up, reaching about 7 °C. However, by the end of May, the water temperature becomes pleasant for bathing, even reaching 20 °C in the summer. This makes the bathing season on Bornholm exceptionally long.

Humidity: From Dry Spring to Humid Winter

The humidity on Bornholm changes throughout the year, with the lowest values in spring and the highest in winter, further highlighting the uniqueness of the island's climate.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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