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With an advertisement on VisitBornholm get close to 700,000 travellers who visit Bornholm each year.

A wide range of available forms of advertising will ensure you the maximum number of customers.

We appreciate your loyalty! As part of long-term cooperation or continuation of advertising, you benefit from attractive packages and promotions.

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VisitBornholm shows the world of Sunny Island

Our goal is to make Bornholm visible as a destination. By advertising with us, we make more people dream of going to Bornholm, where they live with you, visit your store, eat at your restaurant and participate in your event or attraction.

Company profile page DKK 3,000 per year. All your ads will appear on the interactive map of Bornholm.

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Why Bornholm is so special:

- in 2017, the first island in the world and the first place in Europe with the title "World Craft Region"
- in 2021, Bornholm won second place in the category "The most beautiful hiking region in Europe"
- in 2022, Bornholm will have the world's largest high-speed ferry, Express 5, on the Ronne-Ystad route
- in 2025, Bornholm will be the first society in the world to be 100% sustainable and CO2 neutral
- by 2032 it will be the first "zero waste" place in the world is an international brand with an attractive target group.

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Price list and sizes of advertising banners






max 1600 x 300px,
mobile version:
800 x 400px

   5000 DKK / MONTH  

3000 DKK / MONTH


max 1400 x 250px,
mobile version:
600 x 300px

   4000 DKK / MONTH

2500 DKK / MONTH


max 1200 x 150px, 
mobile version:
400 x 200px

   3000 DKK / MONTH

1700 DKK / MONTH

1/2 600x315px
1/4 300x315px

 1/2 1000 DKK / MONTH   
 1/4 600 DKK / MONTH


*6 MONTHS / -10%
 12 MONTHS / -20%

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