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The goal of VisitBornholm is to make Bornholm a recognized travel destination. Through advertising on our website, we aim to inspire more people to dream of visiting Bornholm, where they can stay at your place, visit your shop, savor the cuisine at your restaurant, and participate in your events or attractions.

Known as the "Sunny Island," Bornholm is a charming place located in the Baltic Sea. With beautiful landscapes, picturesque towns, and a rich cultural heritage, the island offers unforgettable experiences to travelers. Our objective is to present the island's beauty and diverse offerings, making Bornholm a desired destination for every traveler.

Through our marketing efforts, we emphasize Bornholm's natural beauty, such as scenic coastlines, pristine beaches, and lush forests. We encourage visitors to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or sailing trips, allowing them to discover the island's extraordinary surroundings. We also promote Bornholm's cultural and historical attractions, including medieval fortifications, intriguing museums, and traditional craft workshops.

We believe in fostering connections between travelers and local residents, creating mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to mutual development.

VisitBornholm focuses on promoting Bornholm as an appealing travel destination.

The price for a banner advertisement and a company profile page starts at 3000 DKK per year. Your company will be featured on the interactive map of Bornholm.

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With an advertisement on VisitBornholm get close to 700,000 travellers who visit Bornholm each year.

A wide range of available forms of advertising will ensure you the maximum number of customers.

We appreciate your loyalty! As part of long-term cooperation or continuation of advertising, you benefit from attractive packages and promotions.

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Why Bornholm is so special:


- in 2017, the first island in the world and the first place in Europe with the title "World Craft Region"
- in 2021, Bornholm won second place in the category "The most beautiful hiking region in Europe"
- in 2022, Bornholm will have the world's largest high-speed ferry, Express 5, on the Ronne-Ystad route
- in 2025, Bornholm will be the first society in the world to be 100% sustainable and CO2 neutral
- by 2032 it will be the first "zero waste" place in the world is an international brand with an attractive target group.

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