Helligdomsklipperne - Holly Rocks

Helligdomsklipperne is an impressive rock formation on the north coast of the Danish island of Bornholm. It is located near Rø, 6 km north of, directly on the road from Gudhjem to. At the highest points of the steep coast, the rocks drop vertically up to 22 meters.

The cliffs have names like Libertsklippen, Capriklippen, Kærlighedsbænken, Sorte Gryde, Helligdomsklippen (sanctuary rock), Måneskinsklipperne, Lyseklippen (candle or light rock). There can be found also grottos Våde Ovn (wet furnace) and Torre Ovn (dry furnace).

Holly Rocks
Helligdomsklipperne on Bornholm

The history of the Helligdom Cliffs

The influence of wind, weather and time has created an uneven landscape of columns and grottos in Bornholm's massive granite over thousands of years. During the last Ice Age, the entire area was below sea level, when the ice melted, the island came out of the sea and is now about 20 meters above the sea.

In the Middle Ages, the cliffs were a place of pilgrimage that was visited during some festivals. One example was Midsummer when Bornholm people made pilgrimages to the springs of Rø Kjijla.

Today, the entire coast is under nature protection. Marked paths lead along the coast, and in some places also down.
You can also hike southwards to Gudhjem (5.9 km) or north towards Tejn (4.9 km). Heading west, we will reach Døndalen, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Bornholm and the highest waterfall in Denmark. The forest in this valley is very natural and picturesque.

A cruise ship to Helligdomsklipperne

A nice way to see the cliffs can be a boat trip, from which they look even more impressive. Besides, it is not as tiring as climbing and descending steep stairs on cliffs.

At the port of Gudhjem, M / S Thor embarks on an almost hour-long journey along Bornholm's east coast to Helligdomsklipperne. The most beautiful rock formations are indicated by the ship's captain, they are called Hestestenene (horse stones), Blod Egil (Egil's blood head), Salene Sten, Bobbeåen, Stevelen, Strandfogedgården or Røstad Strand.
Then M / S Thor approaches the most beautiful site of Helligdomsklipperne, where you can have a look into the deep caves in the rock. Finally, the boat arrives in Libertsklippen, if the waves permit, passengers can disembark and visit an art museum or take a walk back to Gudhjem along the beautiful coast.

Evening tours are also offered, but as the M / S Thor is not covered, cruises only operate in fine weather.
Tickets are sold onboard. Current prices and information can be found on the M / S Thor website.

 M / S Thor Helligdomsklipperne
M / S Thor
M / S Thor on Bornholm
Bornholm Art Museum

Bornholm Art Museum

Bornholm's Art Museum is located above the cliffs in a modern building that contrasts with the surrounding nature without being disturbing. The museum is surrounded by several large and small modern sculptures. After hiking along the Helligdomsklipperne, we strongly recommend a visit to the art museum and not only for art lovers.

In the bright and light-flooded building, visitors can see various exhibitions devoted to painting, sculpture and handicrafts on several floors. The partially changing exhibitions showcase artists associated with Bornholm. So they can be Bornholmers, but also artists who present the island thematically in their art.

How to get

By bike: bicycle route Rønne - Helligdommen or Allinge - Svaneke

By bus: from Nexø, by bus line 7

tovbanen on Bornholm
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