Bornholms Medieval Center: A Treasure Trove of Denmark's Medieval History

The Bornholms Medieval Center, located in the picturesque town of Gudhjem, is a true gem for history enthusiasts. This reconstructed medieval town transports visitors back to the times when Denmark was a land of knights, castles, and legends.

The Bornholms Medieval Center spans 15 hectares of historical attractions, situated near the Østerlars Rundkirke. The center offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the daily life of people living between 1300-1500.

Bornholm's Medieval Center

The Bornholm Medieval Center is not just a skansen in Østerlars, but also offers a wide range of guided tours in Hammershus, adventurous treasure hunts around Bornholm, tours of the Round Church in Østerlars, and extensive school services. Hammershus, the largest castle ruins in Northern Europe, offers breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and the opportunity to participate in guided tours in medieval attire.

odwiedź ruiny Hammershus

Outdoor Attractions

One of the main attractions of the center is the Befæstet Stormandsgård - a fortified nobleman's residence, surrounded by a 150-meter palisade with two gate towers. Dominating the center is a 10-meter tower, offering views of the Gudhjem coast. Nearby is the Landbobebyggelsen - a reconstruction of a medieval rural settlement. Here, one can see the daily work and life of ordinary people, from blacksmiths to weavers. In the summer, the center offers various shows and activities, such as archery and blacksmithing demonstrations.

Indoor Attractions

Inside the buildings, visitors can delve into the fascinating world of medieval legends and tales. The Særudstilling om Sørøvere is an exhibition dedicated to pirates, transporting you to a world of maritime adventures and treasures. For those looking for hands-on experiences, Prøv-selv-aktiviteter offers a variety of activities to try out for yourself.

Treasure Hunting on Bornholm

For those seeking adventure, the center offers an exciting treasure hunt across the island. Participants receive a backpack with tools and clues to help them solve riddles and find the treasure. The treasure hunt begins and ends at the Medieval Center in Østerlars, but most of the activities take place at various locations on Bornholm, giving you the chance to explore the island's beautiful nature.

The Bornholms Medieval Center is a must-visit for any history lover. It offers not only a wealth of knowledge but also hands-on experiences that provide a deeper understanding of life in the Middle Ages. Regardless of the weather, the center offers attractions both outdoors and inside its buildings. Plan your visit and travel back in time to medieval Denmark!

Bornholm Medieval Centre

tovbanen on Bornholm
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