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On Bornholm by Bike

The Bornholm coastline is approximately 140 kilometres long. And the cycle routes on the island are more than 100 kilometres longer. There is no question of a monotonous landscape. In the north there are high cliffs, in the south, you can swim in the azure waters, just like on Majorca. Bornholm on a bike is a real paradise.

Bornholm is above all a cyclist's island. Not only because there are more bikes than cars, but also because the locals and road users respect cycling. On almost every road you will see dark green signs with the word cykelvej (cycle path), with names and distances. Sometimes you get the impression that on Bornholm cycling has won out over motor vehicles after all 1/3 of the cycle paths have been built on the former tracks of the Bornholm railway.

The total length of the cycle routes on Bornholm is about 235 kilometres, and the island's ring road is about 105 kilometres long. The extremes from north to south are 40 km apart, and from east to west the distance is 30 km.

On Bornholm by Bike

Cycling routes

Bornholm is a relatively small island, but it has it all. Peace and quiet, interesting architecture and beautiful views. Interesting cycle routes lead through gentle hills and sandy beaches to the rugged and wild north of the island. Simple everyday life, beautiful sunsets, the snow-white sand of the wide beaches on the south of the island, steep slopes with wild waves in the north, fat herring, huge ice creams in the charming coastal towns, Scandinavian architecture, wild landscapes - all this you can see on a bike ride around Bornholm.

There is a cycle circuit around the island - cycle route number 10 - and there are comfortable cycle racks in front of every service point.

Bornholm by bike can be divided into two parts: the easier southern part and the more difficult northern part. However, this does not mean that the routes on the north of the island cannot be ridden by less experienced tourists. Bornholm is ideal for a family day out.

Cycling routes on Bornholm
Bicycle hire

Bicycle hire

There are many bike hire companies on the island (Cykeludlejning), and you can also hire a bike at some of the campsites.

Bike hire prices are similar everywhere:

Mountain bike
-1 day - approx. 85 DKK
-4 days - approx. 270 DKK
- week - approx. 330 DKK

City bike
-1 day - approx. 80 DKK
-4 days - approx. 220 DKK
- week - approx. 250 DKK

Addresses of bicycle hire companies

Mit dem Fahrrad auf Bornholm

Nexø Cykelcenter

Åsen 18


Fahrrad auf Bornholm

Bornholms Cykeludlejning

Ndr. Kystvej 5


Fahrrad Bornholm

Cykel - Center

Søndregade 7



Aakirkeby Cykler

Storegade 21



Boss Cykler

Kannikegårdsvej 10


auf Bornholm

Boss Cykler

Søndregade 12


Fahrradrouten Bornholm

Gudhjem Cykeludlejning

Malkestien 17



Hasle Cykler

Storegade 3


rental bikes

Sandvig Cykeludlejning

Strandvejen 121


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