Sailing on Bornholm

The sun-warming Danish island of Bornholm is also known as the "Capri of the North." This island on the map looks like a small sailboat following the stern of the ship - the base - that is, Denmark. Due to its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, it is an ideal destination for sailors.

Forests, sand and cliffs are the elements that diversify the trip, and after reaching the shore, you can go on sightseeing trips without going too far from the shore. There are 21 marinas on Bornholm and its neighbouring islet Christiansø, each with its own unique charm. These range from the large fishing harbours of Rønne and Nexø to the smaller idyllic harbours north of Rønne and centred around the northern headland of Hammerknuden to Snogebæk in the southeast of Bornholm. The neighbouring island of Christiansø, the southern coast of Sweden only 40 kilometres away, and the rest of the Baltic coast are also within easy reach.

For boaters looking to go on a sailing holiday to Bornholm, they should definitely plan a trip to Christiansø, an island approximately 10 nautical miles north of Bornholm. The island has a lovely natural harbour located between the islets of Christiansø and Frederiksø. The islands are teeming with a community of around 100 inhabitants who live in historic buildings that are part of the vast old fortifications.

Small marinas, in particular, are often fully occupied so it is always better to inquire in advance about the possibility of booking a berth or mooring. A short distance from Bornholm's harbours, you will find many interesting things to see and do high-quality arts and crafts and the world-famous round churches in Bornholm.

According to the old tradition, at Pentecost, houses are always painted red, windows blue, and ships and boats are painted green. Despite modern cosmopolitanism, the people of Bornholm still cherish their traditional beliefs in ghosts and spirits - the little troll Krølle Bølle is the symbol of this island.

Whatever we choose, we are sure to spend a wonderful and unforgettable sailing holiday on Bornholm.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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