Discover the Magic of Sailing on Bornholm

Bornholm, the pearl of the Baltic Sea, invites sailing enthusiasts to explore its charming harbors, picturesque landscapes, and extraordinary sailing routes. This Danish island offers not only excellent port infrastructure but also endless possibilities for sailors at every level of experience.

Why is Bornholm the perfect place for sailing?

Strategic location: Accessible for sailors from Poland, Scandinavia, and Germany, Bornholm is an ideal destination for sailing expeditions.
Diversity of routes: From calm cruises along the coast to challenging routes for experienced sailors.
The richness of nature: Forests, golden beaches, and majestic cliffs diversify every expedition.
21 charming harbors: Each offers something unique, from large fishing ports to idyllic, smaller marinas.

Odkryj Magię Żeglarstwa na Bornholmie - Twoja Przygoda na Bałtyku

A Unique Journey to Christiansø

Bornholm and its picturesque islet Christiansø offer something that will exceed your expectations. This unique destination is the perfect place for sailors seeking tranquility, beauty, and undiscovered corners of the Baltic Sea.

Discover the Charm of Christiansø
Christiansø, located just 10 nautical miles north of Bornholm, is a jewel in the crown of Danish islands. This charming islet, nestled between Christiansø and Frederiksø, harbors a natural port that provides a haven for sailors. Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Baltic and majestic fortifications, Christiansø offers not only picturesque views but also a deep dive into history.

A Community That's Full of Life
On Christiansø, time flows differently. A community of about 100 residents living in historic buildings creates a unique atmosphere. Life on the island, though tranquil, has its rhythm, offering sailors not only rest but also the opportunity to learn about local traditions and history.

Wyjątkowa podróż na Christiansø, Bornholm

Practical Tips

Preparation is key: It's always worth checking the availability of berths or moorings in advance, especially since small marinas may be full.
Discover local attractions: Near Bornholm's ports, you will find many attractions, including art, crafts, and the famous round churches.


Is Bornholm a good place for beginner sailors?
Thanks to the calm waters of the Baltic Sea and various routes, Bornholm is ideal for sailors at every level of experience.

How many marinas are there on Bornholm?
There are 21 marinas on Bornholm and the adjacent island of Christiansø.

Is it worth visiting the island of Christiansø?
Definitely yes. Christiansø offers a natural harbor and is home to a community of about 100 residents living in historic buildings.

Bornholm is not only a place of extraordinary natural beauty but also a paradise for sailors, offering a wealth of routes, excellent port infrastructure, and unforgettable experiences. WhethBornholm will provide an unforgettable sailing holiday if you are an experienced sailor or just starting your sailing adventure.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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