Discover Bornholm: Six-Day Trek Along the Scenic Coast

Join our unforgettable walking adventure that will unveil the secrets of the Bornholm coast to you. Over the course of six days, we will immerse ourselves in the heart of wild nature, exploring spectacular landscapes from Rønne to the charming Svaneke. Our nearly 70 km route passes through delightful, diverse terrains, where seaside cliffs neighbor green forests.

Each day we will cover about 15 km, with stages thoughtfully designed to provide not only physical challenges but also aesthetic experiences. Among these are dramatic views of the open sea and idyllic spots, perfect for a moment of relaxation. There will be stops for local delicacies, including the famous Bornholm ice cream, which will add energy for further trekking.

Your safety and comfort are our priority, so you can count on the support of an experienced guide at every step. If you wish to take a slower day, you can always use the bus transport option.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience that combines athletic competition with deep contact with nature. Whether you are an avid hiking enthusiast or seeking new experiences, Bornholm will provide you with unforgettable memories. Join us on a hike that will remain in your memory forever!

Nadmorska piesza wycieczka z przewodnikiem, Bornholm

Trip Plan

Over five days, you will have the opportunity to discover the enchanting coast of Bornholm, walking along a picturesque route filled with unique attractions. During our trek, we will visit well-known and tourist-favored spots such as Jon’s Chapel, the impressive ruins of Hammershus Castle, the picturesque cliffs of Helligdomsklipperne, and Randkløve. As we walk, we will also pass through charming seaside towns like Vang, Tejn, and Gudhjem.

The journey ends in Svaneke, where a celebration of well-spent time awaits you at the conclusion of this unforgettable trek.

Trip Difficulty

On this hiking journey along the Bornholm coast, you will cover about 15 km each day, carrying your own luggage. The route, although beautiful, can be hilly, requiring good physical condition. We encourage you to realistically assess your abilities and start preparing now.

The trip plan has been carefully developed to ensure there is time for rest and the opportunity to admire local landmarks. If at any point you feel the need to rest, Bornholm offers a well-developed bus transport network, allowing for flexibility to meet individual needs.

Throughout the journey, accommodations are planned in tents at specially adapted campgrounds, where toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens are available.

Remember, you are responsible for your own equipment, such as sleeping bags or tents.

piesza wycieczka z przewodnikiem, Bornholm
6 - dniowa wycieczka z przewodnikiem, Bornholm

Trip Price

The price for participating in this unforgettable six-day trek is 2300 DKK per person (minimum 3 people), with the number of places limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

The price includes the following services: An introductory meeting that allows you to meet the guide and other participants. During this meeting, we will discuss the route, provide packing tips, and suggest meal ideas for the trip.

A six-day hiking tour along the seaside path of Bornholm under experienced guidance, ensuring safety and support in every aspect of the journey.

The opportunity to receive expert answers to any questions regarding hiking, equipment, and routes.

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