All about hiking on Bornholm

When you go hiking on Bornholm you will experience a unique landscape, with high cliffs, dancing waves, and whispering forests. The natural world on Bornholm is the main reason why many people choose to visit the island. And the nature of Bornholm is unique!

Below you will find tips, maps and suggestions for excursions.

Explore Bornholm on foot

It's time to put on your walking boots and explore Bornholm on foot. Walk the many forest, beach,es and rocky paths around the island. You can take a walking tour of Bornholm straight away, or divide it into smaller stages. Either way, Bornholm provides plenty of unforgettable experiences. You can also walk the coastal path around Bornholm. Walking part or all of the way along the 120-kilometer coastal path, you will get to know the diverse and unique nature of the island.

Hiking trails of all shapes and sizes on Bornholm

There are walking trails all along the coast of Bornholm - through the woods and through rift valleys, these narrow trails lead you through Bornholm's unique nature. Take a walk around Hammerknuden plateau or along the streams Kobbe Å and Døndale Å, which end at a waterfall, where Døndalefaldet with its 25-meter-high waterfall is the highest waterfall in Denmark.
Or why not hike through the Ekkodalen valley, which at 12 km is the longest rift valley on the island? Or try the coastal path between Saltuna and Bølshavn with small fishing villages, wild cliffs, coastal forests, wetlands, and valleys. Either, or... the possibilities and places on the island are many. There are many ways to explore Bornholm's nature. Try a cruise from Gudhjem to Helligdomsklipperne or one of the excursions where you can see the rocky coast with bird cliffs and fantastic caves, beautiful shapes and wonderful colors.

Bornholm is not a place where you will be bored, it is impossible to be bored on this island. There are walking trails, marked with signs with the symbol of a walking man. One of the trails is almost 150 kilometers long and takes you through some of the most picturesque parts of the Bornholm coast.

Hiking trails of all shapes and sizes on Bornholm
tovbanen on Bornholm
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