Jons Kapel rock formation on Bornholm


Rough cliffs on the west coast of Bornholm
North of the small fishing village of Teglkås on the west coast of the Danish island of Bornholm lies the Jons Kapel cliff formation. One of the rocks rises 22 metres high, is steep and slender and is said to have given it its name. From the beach it looks like a church steeple. According to legend, a hermit and missionary named Jon lived and meditated in the surrounding caves. The caves can only be seen from the sea. The cave open to the sea is called the pulpit or preaching pulpit.
Today, a 171-step staircase leads down the cliffs of Bornholm's west coast to a rock formation called the pulpit. It is said that from there a preacher preached to the fishermen of Bornholm (still pagans at the time) and gave them a blessing to take with them out to sea and on fishing trips. Further south are three caves where he is said to have lived. The cave is called the church hall or chapel. The other caves have names such as larder, sacristy, dining room and even bedroom - a whole flat for the monk. In order to protect it, the rock formation of Jons Kapel was placed under nature protection in 1907.

Surowe klify na zachodnim wybrzeżu Bornholmu Jons Kapel

Hvidkleven - white cliffs

To the north of Jons Kapel rises a steep rock wall 41 m high. Hvidkleven or 'white cliffs' look white during strong winds or storms due to foaming waves.

Steep rock massif of Hvidkleven, Bornholm

Getting to Jons Kapel

The hike to Jons Kapel starts in Teglkås or at the well-marked car park above the cliffs. From there it is only a few hundred metres to a steep wooden staircase leading to the rocky beach. The stairs have been incorporated into a naturally occurring so-called diabase passage. This is a rock that weathered faster than hard granite and thus formed this passage. The diabase rock was probably pushed into the granite fissure from below in the form of liquid lava before cooling at the surface.

Jons Kapel
Jon Kapelvej 4
DK - 3790 Hasle

Getting to Jons Kapel, Bornholm

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One of the great things about Bornholm is the great variety of landscapes. Picturesque, majestic, steep granite cliffs in the north and fine sand beaches in the south, heathland, waterfalls, bearded garlic and anemones, coastal boulders and rocks.

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