Information for motorized tourists:

I. Required documents:

Driving license 
Vehicle registration certificate

II. Danish traffic rules:

During the day, driving with the dipped headlights is obligatory (all year round).
Speed ​​limits (always clearly marked):
cities - 50 km / h, some areas - 60 km / h
undeveloped area - 80 km / h
motorway - 110 km / h (or 130 km / h) (there are no motorways on Bornholm)
ATTENTION!! There is always an additional traffic police check in Bornholm in summer.

3. When turning right or left, watch out for cyclists who have absolute right of way.

4. The limit of alcohol consumption while driving a car is 0.5 per mille and exceeding it may result in a high fine and even a court hearing if you are involved in a road accident. Above 1.21 per mille, a driving license is withdrawn immediately and a very high fine is imposed.

5. There is a high fine for driving a car and talking on a mobile phone at the same time.

6. Drivers are obliged to stop at a marked pedestrian crossing, if there is a person crossing the road or showing the will to cross the street. The Danish traffic police pay close attention to this.

7. Public transport and vehicles for disabled people ALWAYS have the right of priority. The Danish traffic police pay close attention to this.

8. Driving the car only with fastened seat belts. There is a risk of a large fine if they are not used.

III. Parking regulations:

The parking time indicator in the form of a plastic clock glued to the inside of the windshield of the car (: parkeringsskive) is subject to a large fine (DKK 500).

IV. Petrol:

Prices approx. DKK 10.00 (EUR 1.3) / l
On Bornholm, unleaded petrol is sold.
There are many petrol stations in every larger town. Most of them accept credit cards, also in gasoline vending machines.

V. Roads and distances:

The main roads connecting the largest towns are in good condition and well signposted.

The greatest distance on Bornholm is approx. 35 km.

Speed ​​control
It takes place using hidden cameras located in anonymous vehicles parked on the roadside. They are equipped with speed gauges and photographic equipment that turns on when the permitted limit is exceeded.

With a speed limit of 50 km / h. an automatic photo will be taken if the car is driving 59 km / h.
Speeding fines are very high in Denmark.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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