Traveling by train on the Øresund and Skånetrafiken from Copenhagen to Ystad

Traveling by train on the Øresund and Skånetrafiken from Copenhagen to Ystad is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to reach the picturesque city of Ystad in Sweden. This route offers passengers beautiful views of the landscapes of southern Sweden.

The journey begins in Copenhagen, where passengers board the Øresund train. Along the route, the train stops at Malmø C, Hyllie, or Triangeln stations, where travelers must transfer to the Pågatåg train operated by Skånetrafiken. The Pågatåg train continues the journey for the remaining distance to Ystad, where passengers will find a fast ferry waiting for them. Admission tickets or a place on the Bornholm ferry are always required. To book the entire journey on the Øresund train, Pågatåg, and ferry, you can use the services of DSB, which offer online booking options.

The total travel time from Copenhagen to Ystad is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes, making this route very convenient for travelers.

There are several advantages to traveling by train to Bornholm. Firstly, travelers can easily access and transfer between stations in the interchange zone using buses, trains, and the metro. Additionally, one adult can bring two children under the age of 12 free of charge and without the need for a ticket. However, from Friday to Monday, all travelers must have a seat ticket. It is also important to note that if a ticket is not needed, it can be refunded.

The travel ticket is valid on all buses and ferries. The Ystad/Rønne ferry is included in the ticket price, which means that travelers do not have to worry about additional fees for the ferry crossing.

By traveling by train, passengers also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, which benefits the natural environment.

If you are traveling to Bornholm by bicycle, there is an option to bring it with you on the Øresund and Pågatåg trains. A bicycle ticket for Bornholm can be purchased at the 7-Eleven point of sale at the station (DSB Salg & Service at Copenhagen Central Station) or ordered by phone at 70 13 14 15. It is important to note that a bicycle ticket for Bornholm is not available at the ticket machine unless it has been pre-ordered. It is recommended to make reservations for bicycle tickets for the journey there and back before starting the trip to avoid unforeseen difficulties.

It should be noted that seats for bicycles cannot be reserved on the Øresund and Pågatåg trains, so it is important to book in advance to ensure a place for your bicycle. In case of no available spaces on the train, travelers must catch the ferry.

In summary, traveling by train from Copenhagen to Ystad via Øresund and Skånetrafiken is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to reach the charming city of Ystad. Passengers can enjoy beautiful views, convenient bus and ferry connections, and contribute to environmental protection. We encourage you to book your tickets and experience this fascinating journey.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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