Horse Riding on Bornholm: Adventure in the Heart of Nature

Exploring the island on horseback

Bornholm, the jewel of the Baltic Sea, is a place where equestrian passion meets the wild beauty of nature. Horse riding in Bornholm is one of the forms of active recreation, offering the opportunity to explore the island in a unique way. We can ride almost all over the island, using designated trails that lead through places such as the forested areas of Almindingen, picturesque Paradisbakkerne, majestic Hammeren, or golden beaches. Although horse riding is allowed in many places, there are some restrictions, such as a ban on riding in historic areas or forest fields.

Stables and Equestrian Offers in Bornholm

Stables in Bornholm offer various programs for riders at every level of advancement. For the youngest candidates, the attraction is gentle Icelandic horses, which provide a safe and pleasant experience. For more experienced riders, lessons and tours are available on designated routes that lead through the most beautiful corners of the island.

Bornholms Brand Park:

The heart of trotting races One of the standout places for horse lovers is Bornholms Brand Park, the world's smallest trotting race track. Located in the heart of the Almindingen forest, the track offers regular trotting races that attract both residents and tourists. Horse racing has become the national sport of Bornholm, with hundreds of amateur jockeys and about 500 racehorses on the island.

Bornholms Brand Park

Betting on Horse Races

For those who want to feel a thrill of excitement, betting on horse races offers an added attraction. Although the winnings might not be large, the atmosphere and emotions accompanying the races are unforgettable. The racing season begins in April and lasts until the fall, and each race attracts crowds of fans.

Practical Information

The season starts in April and lasts until the fall. It's best to participate in races during the holiday period. If you want to have a pleasant day at the races and enjoy the atmosphere, it's worth arriving a bit earlier and taking a look behind the scenes to see the horses participating in the competitions in the stable. On-site, we can easily organize a picnic for the whole family. Detailed information about the races can be found in the Bornholms Brand Park competition calendar.


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