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The towns of Allinge and Sandvig on Bornholm

The picturesque harbors of Allinge and Sandvig are located on the northeastern corner of Bornholm.
These two formerly separate towns have grown into the community of Allinge - Sandvig. Allinge and Sandvig are known as the center of tourism in Bornholm.

History of Allinge - Sandvig

History of Allinge - Sandvig

Allinge - Sandvig used to be two smaller, separate fishing villages that were founded in the Middle Ages. Since then, the twin towns have developed into two of the most important areas on the island - quarrying and tourism. Today the old quarries are fantastic natural landscapes, with visible evidence of past industry.

The old half-timbered houses date from the 18th and 19th centuries, a time when Allinge and Sandvig were known as fishing villages.

At the end of the 19th century, tourists started coming to Bornholm, and their main destination was the northern part of the island - Allinge and Sandvig. The increased tourist traffic led to the establishment of many hotels, guesthouses, campsites and a network of restaurants and cafes in these towns.

The ruins of Hammershus Castle, the steep cliff faces jutting out into the blue sea and the vast moorland at Hammeren are just a few of the attractions.

What to see in Allinge - Sandvig

Allinge Kirke - the late gothic church dates from the 15th century and the altar inside is believed to have come from Hammershus Castle. It is a very striking church because of its characteristic yellow color. Also interesting are the plague commemorative plaques, which list the names of the townspeople who were killed by the insidious disease in the Middle Ages.

Allinge Røgeri - one of the more popular smokehouses, is located north of the harbor and its yellow chimney can be seen from afar. Here you can eat smoked herring and drink the local beer, Svanneke Brygghus. During the summer season, there are concerts at the smokehouse.

Nordbornholms Smokehouse - located in Allinge, right on the cliff. The smokehouse has a long tradition dating back to 1898, and a small black Fiat 500 is the hallmark of the smokehouse.

Domen - is a building that has a very unusual shape - it looks like an opening sphere. The structure looks amazing against the sky and the blue of the sea. The wooden skeleton is made of Douglas fir wood and different types of recycled wood. The dome is 212 m2 and 8 m high.

Attractions near Allinge - Sandvig

Tejn - a former small fishing village, which is now the third-largest fishing port on Bornholm after Rønne and Nexø, complete with a fish factory, ice factory, and shipyard.

How to get there

Allinge - Svaneke cycling route

Olsker - this is a village known to "treasure hunters" for its many antique shops, which are located on the main street of the town. In Olsker there is also a rotunda church, built around 1150.

How to get there

Aakirkeby - Allinge cycling route

Hammeren - Hammeren is the northernmost tip of Bornholm. The granite plateau rises more than 50 meters (max 82 m) above sea level. Due to its scenic location, it is one of the most interesting places in Bornholm.

Hammerode Fyr - Hammerodde Lighthouse was built in 1895 to complement the Hammerfyr Lighthouse. The lighthouse is 12 meters high and the light is only 21 meters above sea level. The building serves today as both a lighthouse and an observation point.

Salomons Kapel - Salomon's Chapel is a small ruin of a chapel from 1300. The chapel was probably built in connection with the large herring markets that took place in many places on the Baltic coast, including here. At the markets, local fishermen sold herring to merchants from Lübeck.

How to get there

Rønne - Allinge cycle route

Hammershus - are the largest medieval castle ruins in Northern Europe and were built on an inaccessible rocky hill 70 meters above sea level.

How to get there

Rønne - Allinge cycle route

Vang - is a small coastal town in the northwest of Bornholm, right in front of the Hammershus castle ruins. Vang used to be the center of stone working on the island and the granite blocks in the harbor from this period are a reminder of this. In addition to stonemasons, fishermen were also an important part of Vang's population. Today, however, you don't see fishermen here and only excursion boats dock in the harbor. There are some very nice holiday homes in and around the village.

The watermill (vandmølle) in Vang - this is the best-preserved watermill on Bornholm, dating from 1811 and operated until 1905. In 1969 the watermill was acquired by the Bornholm Museum. In 1978 the watermill in Vang was still the only working watermill on Bornholm.

Jons Kapel - "John's Chapel" is an interesting and beautiful cliff formation on the west coast of Bornholm, about 7 kilometers north of Hasle. The formations are the result of waves hitting the rock at a time when the sea level was much higher than today. The cliff is 22 meters high.

How to get there

Rønne - Allinge cycle route

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