Brændesgårdshaven (Joboland) - Bornholm Amusement Park

Brændesgårdshaven (Joboland) - Bornholm Amusement Park

In the east of Bornholm, near the town of Svaneke, is Brændesgårdshaven - Bornholm's Amusement Park. Formerly known as Joboland, the property offers various activities for young and adult guests.

In addition to rides and bouncy castles, there are also swimming pools, a rowing lake and a mini zoo.

Joboland Bornholm

Things to Do in Brændesgårdshaven (Joboland)

The Brændesgårdshaven amusement park is sure to please families with children. The park is situated in the middle of fields in the valley of the river. Opened in 1933, Joboland with a rowing pond increased its attractions more and more.

The park, which has been owned by the Ibsen family for several generations, now consists of a 6,000 square meter water park, with a warm-water swimming pool and various slides, many carousels, a children's playground and several animal runs. In addition to native animals, you can admire coats, monkeys, parrots and many other species of animals.

If you want to spend time actively in the park, you will find a rowing lake with boats, a free climbing wall and a mini-golf course. In front of the large outdoor stage, we can relax during one of the performances and get carried away into another world. But what seems fairly normal for Bornholmers is somewhat unusual for other visitors - the merry-go-rounds are powered by muscle power. So advice to all parents - little ones only hang around when their dad makes a real effort.

Danish guests spend the day at the amusement park with their family. We can arrange a family picnic with treats that we will bring with us. There are also several fast food and ice cream stalls.

After paying the admission at the ticket office, all attractions are generally available, we will pay extra only at kiosks.

attractions in Brændesgårdshaven ( Joboland )
Brændesgårdshaven ( Joboland ) Bornholm

Joboland business hours and prices

Opening hours:
Brændesgårdshaven amusement park is open from May to September, May, June and September from 11:00 to 17:00, in July and August from 10:00 to 18:30.
Current prices can be found on the Brændesgårdshaven website.

How to get there:
By bike: Park approximately 3 km from Svaneke
By bus: from Nexø, bus line 7

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