NaturBornholm Science Center: Explore the Universe of Knowledge in the Heart of Bornholm

NaturBornholm offers unique spaces where science becomes an extraordinary adventure, and education intertwines with the joy of play. In the heart of this interactive facility on the island of Bornholm, captivating experiences and knowledge come together, creating unforgettable moments for families, organized groups, and school trips. Here, at NaturBornholm, doors open to a fascinating world of adventure intertwined with scientific exploration.

A visit to NaturBornholm becomes a special blend of entertainment and education. It's not just a space for science enthusiasts, but also for those who wish to immerse themselves in the mysteries of the island's exceptional nature. Traveling through a time machine, one can uncover Bornholm's history dating back as far as 1.7 billion years.

The vast Baltic aquarium teems with vibrant fish, while exotic animals such as crocodiles and snakes bring the wild nature closer to children and adults alike. An exhibition filled with valuable fossils and lifelike dinosaur models transports us to distant epochs. Outside, the "Sun Island" encourages children to explore with electric cars, and the paleontological site and dinosaur models awaken curiosity.

This science center is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous geological boundary. Here, in Europe, you can place one foot on Precambrian gneiss and the other on Cambrian sandstone, traveling 1.2 billion years back in time. The Strøby Quarry, with its fossilized seabed, reveals some of the oldest traces of life on Bornholm – the imprints of jellyfish from 540 million years ago.

Designed by Henning Larsen, the 3800 m² center is one of the largest on the island. The minimalist Scandinavian style harmonizes with the surroundings, and the facade built from gabions filled with local granite creates a unique character. The glass corridor, reminiscent of a fissured valley, connects the history and culture of Aakirkeby with the natural beauty of Klintebakken Hill.

Opened on May 16, 2000, NaturBornholm still stands as an icon of education, science, and adventure on Bornholm. This facility inspires, captivates, and allows everyone to discover the beauty and mysteries of our world in an incredibly accessible and fascinating manner.

Centrum Nauki NaturBornholm: Odkryj Wszechświat Wiedzy w Sercu Bornholmu

Visit Bornholm's Greatest Gem: NaturBornholm

Your vacation takes on a new dimension when you start it with the discovery of the true attraction of this magical island - NaturBornholm. Here, in the heart of Bornholm, science and fascinating adventure are intertwined, creating an incredible experience for every visitor. Arriving here, you will embark on an extraordinary journey through 1.7 billion years of history, delving into the secrets of Bornholm's unique nature.

Feel the pulse of the earth as you come face to face with the age-old beauty of the land. It's here that the boundaries of time blur, and the history of nature becomes tangible. In the Discovery Hall, you can experiment, explore, and deepen your knowledge firsthand. This interactive space allows for practical explorations that focus on what truly matters.

Not only admire but also encounter living animals that bring the fascinating world of nature closer. Crocodiles, snakes, and other exotic creatures bridge our worlds, allowing us to better understand the beauty and diversity of life on Earth.

Did you know that Bornholm was once home to dinosaurs? Here, you can uncover their secrets. Fossils and realistic dinosaur models will transport you to distant times when massive reptiles ruled our planet.

Don't forget to immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Baltic Sea. In the vast Baltic aquarium, you'll see the variety of fish that inhabit these waters. It's a window into the microcosm that lies beneath the surface.

Your visit to Bornholm leaves a mark not only in your heart but also in the form of a personally crafted souvenir. Ride the electric cars on the "Sun Island," where your creativity can express itself on various canvases.

Begin your vacation with NaturBornholm and open yourself to learning, discovery, and amazing adventures. It's an unforgettable place that will allow you to see the world from a new perspective and understand how deeply we are rooted in history and the beauty of nature.

Odwiedź Największą Perłę Bornholmu: NaturBornholm

Exhibition Shaping the Face of the Island: Geology, Flora, and Fauna of Bornholm

In the space of the permanent exhibition at the NaturBornholm museum, we embark on a unique journey deep into history, paying tribute to the geology, flora, and fauna of Bornholm. This captivating display unveils 1.7 billion years of the island's history, where a small piece of land holds countless stories within. Right at the threshold, we are greeted by the bedrock, composed of granite and gneiss - a testament to ages of geological evolution.

The exhibition is adorned with genuine fossils that bring us history as if etched in stone. As we wander through this exceptional museum, we find ourselves in a world where lifelike models of Bornholm's dinosaurs evoke images of prehistoric creatures. Some of these massive reptiles left tracks measuring 70 centimeters, while others were only slightly larger than today's chicken.

The 3D cinema hall also offers unique experiences, where we partake in an extraordinary journey through the history of the Earth. The film showcased here presents a fascinating tale of our planet's birth, reaching back a staggering 4.5 billion years. However, that's not all – the history of Bornholm, from the present day to the Precambrian era, spans 1.7 billion years, narrated during this cinematic voyage through time.

Subsequent stages of this incredible exhibition depict key moments in the island's geological past. Contemplating the appearance of dinosaurs 230 million years ago, we come face to face with the mystical times when the Earth was the home of these majestic beings. Fossils of Bornholm's dinosaurs, dating back 200 to 140 million years, spring to life in our imagination, reminding us of the unimaginably long and diverse journey of life on this land.

This exhibition at the NaturBornholm museum is a true journey through the ages, showcasing how remarkably our planet has changed and the significant role that Bornholm has played in this beautiful dance of evolution.

Wystawa Kształtująca Oblicze Wyspy: Geologia, Flora i Fauna Bornholmu

Dinosaurs on the Island of Bornholm: From Discovery to Cognitive Adventure

The history of dinosaurs on Bornholm began with one of the most fascinating paleontological discoveries - the tooth of a Dromaeosaur. This discovery marked the beginning of a new era in research and sparked the certainty among scientists that an extraordinary species of dinosaur existed on this island. This unique species was named "Dromaeosaurides bornholmensis" and became an object of interest and admiration.

The model of this enigmatic dinosaur found its place in a museum, where it captivates and inspires visitors. Bornholm proved to be an exceptional place, the only one in Denmark where dinosaurs ever lived and ruled.

In the year 2000, a quarry in Robbedale near Rønne delivered another piece to this puzzle - a tooth of a dromeosaur. This moment of discovery contributed to the creation of a new exhibition entirely dedicated to the dinosaurs of Bornholm. To authentically recreate the living conditions of these prehistoric giants, a special room was designed to evoke the spirit of their times. This unique dinosaur exhibit is located in the Discovery Hall, awaiting enthusiasts and researchers.

Along the paths of the Science Center, dinosaur models will unveil, summoning the spirit of these magnificent creatures. On the premises of the facility, artistically incorporated into the surroundings, stand dinosaur models, and a paleontological station for children encourages participation in the fascinating search for fossils from ages past.

Bornholm, with its captivating dinosaur history, becomes a place where the past comes to life anew, and science becomes an adventure-filled experience. The discovery of the Dromaeosaur tooth was just the beginning, and the NaturBornholm Science Center continues this exceptional story, sharing it with guests from around the world.

Dinozaury Na Wyspie Bornholm: Od Znaleziska Do Przygody Poznawczej

Unveiling the Secrets of the Baltic Sea: The Aquarium at NaturBornholm

At the NaturBornholm Science Center, the passion for exploring nature doesn't end on land. The large Baltic aquarium is another exciting feature of this captivating facility, where visitors can delve into the underwater world of the Baltic Sea and observe the closeness of fish such as cod and flounder.

A characteristic phenomenon of the Baltic Sea is the decreasing salinity as one moves from west to east. The water in this unique basin tends to be less salty, with an average salinity level of about 7 parts per thousand. This fascinating phenomenon is the result of various factors that shape this unique ecosystem.

Next to the impressive aquarium, as if awaiting yet another incredible surprise, is the enormous skull of a whale, a magnificent tribute to these majestic creatures, adding an additional element to the experience. Fascinating exhibitions also line the area near the aquarium, introducing visitors to the richness of life in the Baltic. An exhibition dedicated to the seals living in these waters allows for a better understanding of this delicate ecosystem. Moreover, important ecological themes find their place in the form of an exhibition about plastic waste affecting the marine environment.

The Baltic Sea Aquarium at NaturBornholm is not only a window into the underwater world, but also an educational tool that helps us understand the importance of maintaining balance in this unique ecosystem. This extraordinary experience combines learning, fascination, and ecological awareness, creating unforgettable moments for every visitor.

Odsłonięcie Sekretów Morza Bałtyckiego: Akwarium w NaturBornholm

Environment: Fading Beauty and Geological Secrets

NaturBornholm rises in close proximity to the famous geological boundary, a testament to passing ages and monumental transformations. The fault zone, created around 200 million years ago due to a powerful earthquake, has become a part of this educational space. Here, with literally just one step, you can traverse a geological time circle of 1.2 billion years.

Right from the beginning of your arrival, around the NaturBornholm parking area, your gaze will meet the fascinating Bavnet rocks. These rounded and smoothed fragments of bedrock tell the story of a long dance of glaciers that shaped this landscape. The surface of these rocks is adorned with distinctive glacial striations, created during the ice age - as if they were fingerprints of time.

The mystery of Bavnet also includes the presence of rock carvings, remnants from the Bronze Age, embedded in the western part of this place. This is evidence that these rocks concealed an ancient place of worship that existed around 4000 years ago. Within these carvings lies a history that helps us understand the significant role these lands played in the lives and spirituality of our ancestors.

The environment of NaturBornholm is not just ordinary surrounding landscapes; it is a place alive with history and beauty, leaving its traces in the hearts of those who discover it. Here, geological layers are like pages of a book, written with the pen of nature and time, inviting us to understand our place in an ever-changing world.

Accessibility for All: NaturBornholm Disability-Friendly

At the heart of the design of NaturBornholm was ensuring easy mobility for people with disabilities. With comfort and freedom in mind, every effort was put into creating a space where wheelchair users would face no difficulties.

Our commitment to accessibility aims to make a visit to NaturBornholm as comfortable as possible for all guests. For those in need of support, we provide complimentary on-site wheelchairs. Just approach the reception, and our staff will ensure the equipment is available when you need it.

For even greater comfort for wheelchair users, we have prepared a specially adapted restroom equipped with facilities that make using it easier. We also care for our youngest guests by providing a dedicated baby changing table in this space.

In concern for the safety of our animals, including crocodiles and turtles, dogs are not allowed into our learning center. An exception is made for guide dogs accompanying visually impaired individuals, who are welcome to explore NaturBornholm. Our commitment to the accessibility and comfort of every guest, regardless of individual needs, is an integral part of NaturBornholm's mission, inspiring us to create a place where learning, adventure, and discovery are available to all.

Unforgettable Adventures for Groups: Our Offering

We invite large families, groups of friends, and school teams to explore unique nature-oriented excursions tailored to your needs. We craft personalized experiences that satisfy your curiosity and passion.

We are ready to offer numerous intriguing options that will introduce you to the extraordinary world of Bornholm. While each of our programs is unique, here are a few examples that might pique your interest:

  1. Paleontological Expeditions: Embark on an incredible journey to the very place where the famous tooth of a predatory dromaeosaur was discovered. Together with our experts, you'll have the chance to uncover the secrets of the prehistoric world and participate in captivating fossil searches.

  2. Risebæk Waterfall and Skelbro: Discover the beauty of nature as you wander around the Risebæk waterfall and search for fossils in the Skelbro area. This is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Bornholm's nature and experience its unique beauty.

  3. Evening Bat Listening in Ekkodalen: Join an evening expedition where you listen to the mysterious sounds of bats in the picturesque Ekkodalen valley. This experience will open your ears to the sounds of the nocturnal wilderness.

  4. Identifying Bornholm Beach Stones: Uncover the secrets of stones found on Bornholm's beaches. Our experts will guide you through the fascinating world of geology, showcasing the diversity of minerals and rock formations.

  5. Bison Observations in the Svinemosen Enclosure: While exploring the Svinemosen enclosure, you'll have the opportunity to admire majestic bison. This is a unique chance to see these impressive animals in their natural habitat.

Regardless of your interests and travel goals, our offering is tailored to meet your expectations and provide unforgettable experiences. We are here to make your visit to Bornholm full of adventure, learning, and inspiration.

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