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Bornholm's Natural History Museum

NaturBornholm is the new city center which is the most popular location in the geological and geological area of ​​Bornholm. Located in a multimedia exhibition, the center is a series of exhibitions on small, small and large, organized or with a wide range. The honorary patron of NaturBornholm is His Majesty Prince Henry.

NaturBornholm Aakirkeby
NaturBornholm Bornholm


The cornerstone for the construction of NaturBornholm was laid in 1999. The building is located south of the center of Aakirkeby.

The transparent structures of the natural stone building are particularly striking for visitors. The museum has a rectangular layout and looks like a cube from afar. A "modern" work of art has been set up in front of the museum, which the children particularly like: a huge large frog! To emphasize the ecological nature of the exhibition, the building uses renewable energy. The modern facade also contributes to this.

On May 16, 2000, the opening of NaturBornholm by Prince Henrik from Denmark took place. The 3800 m² facility is one of the largest on the island. Exhibition: Geology, flora and fauna of the island of Bornholm .The permanent exhibition at the NaturBornholm Museum is devoted to 1700 million years old Bornholm geology, Bornholm granite, and the island's flora and fauna.

Visitors can make a "journey in time" about the history of the earth - watching a movie in the 4D cinema museum in which he travels around Precambrian from today until the creation of the Earth. Then guests can go to the exhibition, which shows the important stages of evolution (e.g. the appearance of dinosaurs 160 million years ago).

Exhibition: Geology, flora and fauna of the island of Bornholm

The permanent exhibition at the NaturBornholm museum is devoted to the 1,700 million-year-old geology of Bornholm, Bornholm granite, and the island's flora and fauna. We will see a real fossil here and visit an exhibition with realistic models of Bornholm's dinosaurs, which will introduce us to the world of prehistoric reptiles. Some left 70 cm tracks, others were the size of a chicken.

Then guests can go to the exhibition, which shows the important stages of evolution (e.g. the appearance of dinosaurs 160 million years ago).

NaturBornholm geologist
Bornholm NaturBornholm
Dinosaurs on Bornholm

Dinosaurs on Bornholm

Since the Velociraptor tooth was found on the island, scientists were sure that there was a special dinosaur species on Bornholm: this species was called "Dromaeosaurus Bornholmiensis". This dinosaur model is in the museum. Bornholm is the only region in Denmark where dinosaurs ever existed. In 2000, a dinosaur tooth was found on Arnager Beach. A new exhibition devoted only to dinosaurs from Bornholm has been created since spring 2016. In Copenhagen, several life-size dinosaur models were created in close cooperation with scientists and those responsible for NaturBornholm.

However, in order to best present the living conditions of dinosaurs, an additional room was devoted to them, in which the prevailing conditions of that time were recreated. Live crocodiles and turtles make time travel real.

Baltic Sea Aquarium

The large Baltic aquarium is also part of the NaturBornholm museum, where visitors can observe different types of fish, such as cod and flatfish, which share waters in the Baltic Sea. Because the Baltic Sea is less and less salty between sea fish, we can find pike and perch. Next to the aquarium is a huge whale skull. In addition, museum staff regularly organize interesting temporary exhibitions, e.g. a bison show on Bornholm.

On some weekends they invite guests for guided trips to the bison’s farm in the Almindingen forest.

Baltic Sea Aquarium
Bornholm Baltic Sea Aquarium
environment NaturBornholm
The location of NaturBornholm

The location of NaturBornholm was deliberately chosen here, because slightly to the south of the building there is a fault zone in the Bornholm rock. This geological boundary runs directly under the museum. With one step you can make a geological jump in time - 1.2 billion years. Bavnet cliff rocks from Aakirkebygranite emerge immediately before entering the building.

It was not until 2003-2004 that they were discovered from the layers of earth that covered it, so that it could be shown to visitors. This cliff is also called part of the "rock cliff". On its surface you can clearly see the pressure marks surrounding the glacier.

Behind the museum is the Strøby sandstone quarry and Klintebakken - the geological quarry of Bornholm. There you can see rocks from different geological periods. In the former sandstone quarry, Strøby, you can walk over 540 million years of petrified sand beach, where you can see the imprint of a prehistoric jellyfish, one of three discovered worldwide.


NaturBornholm is located in Aakirkeby, at 30 Grønningen

By bike: Rønne - Nexø cycle route

By bus: from Nexø, bus number 5; from Rønne, bus number 6

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