Bornholm. Angling El Dorado

Bornholm is the real El Dorado for fishing lovers! The island is surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea and has a long coast ideal for shore fishing, as well as deep, freshwater lakes, marshes and ponds full of fish all year round. Every year Bornholm attracts a lot of fishermen - from professional to inexperienced anglers. In just an hour, you can travel around the entire island and find the perfect fishing spots within a few kilometers. Bornholm is an ideal place if we go fishing with friends, but also for families who want to spend a nice time in nature.

The island, especially in autumn, winter and spring, offers unique conditions that allow almost all types of fishing. Bornholm has an excellent offer for anglers. The island's coast is one of the best brown trout fisheries in Europe. Fish can be caught from the shore, wading in the water, as well as from coastal rocks. When fishing from the shore, we have a great chance to catch even a dozen sea trout during the week in Bornholm, the best months are March, April, November and December. In addition to the sea trout on the island, we can successfully fish for garfish (also from the shore - the best month is May), salmon (trolling with a guide) and cod. For cod it is best to go deep into the sea by boat. The basic and most effective method of fishing for salmon is deep trolling with a downrigger.

Fishing license

You must always have a fishing license with you when fishing - except for the Put & Take lakes. However, if we are under 18 or over 65, fishing in the sea around Bornholm (and Denmark) is free.

Fishing license

Fishing on Bornholm

Fishing From Sea Shore

The coasts of Bornholm are quite unique and extremely diverse, nowhere else in Denmark there are such perfect sections of the coast as here, and because of the size of the island you can always find a suitable place for fishing. At 27 ports located on the island there is always a suitable place from which we can go fishing.

In some fisheries, it is best to fish in autumn and spring, others in winter. But it's also worth taking part in summer fishing. From several coastal locations on Bornholm you can catch sea trout on cool mornings and evenings.

Inland fishing

Inland fishing

If you like fishing in fresh waters, then on Bornholm you will find many lakes, peat bogs and ponds that are full of pike, perch, trout, zander and eel. In small island streams you can catch many fish even a sea trout, e.g. at the mouth of the Blykobbe Å in the period from January to April.

You can fish on Bornholm without a special fishing license in the city lakes:

Rubin Lake in Hasle Lystskov, where you catch pike and perch,
Sapphire Lake in Hasle Lystskov, which in addition to pike and perch offers a wealth of fish such as carp,
Snorrebakkesø Lake in Snorrebakken on the outskirts of Rønne, which offers pike and perch fishing and excellent eel fishing
Lake Kanegård Kanegårdsforogen on the outskirts of Rønne, which offers carp, eels and other fish, as well as Kaolingraven on the outskirts of Rønne, which mainly catches pike
Lake at Torneværksvej on the outskirts of Rønne, which offers various fish, including carp

In addition, you can fish without a special fishing permit in the following two forest lakes:

Sdr. Borgedal, located on the Rø plantation - pike and brown trout,
Åsedam, located in Almindingen, where you can catch pike, perch and eel.

All other lakes are private and you will have to pay for the catch.


Trolling salmon fishing is a great attraction of Bornholm. The deep bait lead, even at a depth of 60 m, is characteristic for trolling at Bornholm.

The main trolling centers are located on the east coast in Tejn, Listed, Melsted and in the north in Allinge. You can use a guide and rent a specialized boat.

In the spring, the international Trolling Master Bornholm competition takes place in Tejn on the north coast of Bornholm.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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