Bornholm: A Fishing Paradise - Guide to the Fishing El Dorado of the Baltic Sea

Discover Bornholm, the hidden gem of the Baltic Sea, which has become a mecca for fishing enthusiasts. This picturesque island offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also unparalleled fishing opportunities for anglers at every level of experience. Whether you are a professional looking for new challenges or a beginner eager to learn the art of fishing, Bornholm invites you to its fishing El Dorado.

Bornholm - A Fishing Paradise:

Bornholm, with its wild waters and rich fishing grounds, is the perfect place for anyone dreaming of great catches. The island offers a wide range of fishing spots, from long sandy beaches to deep freshwater lakes and ponds. Here, anglers can enjoy fishing all year round, exploring the diversity of fish species available in the waters of Bornholm.

Ideal Fishing Spots:

It doesn't matter if you prefer coastal or deep-sea fishing - Bornholm has it all. The island's coastline is considered one of the best sea trout fishing spots in Europe. March, April, November, and December are the months when the chances of successful catches are highest. In addition to sea trout, anglers can catch garfish, salmon, and even cod, using a variety of fishing techniques.

Fishing License - What You Need to Know:

Remember that fishing in Bornholm (as well as in all of Denmark) requires a fishing license, unless you belong to the age group below 18 or above 65. In such cases, you can enjoy sea fishing without additional fees. It's important to always carry your license while fishing to avoid any inconvenience and to enjoy fishing according to the regulations.

Fishing License

Sea fishing is a passion that unites lovers of the sea and fishing in the search for the best spots for unforgettable catches. One such place that attracts throngs of anglers each year is the area around the Danish island of Bornholm. Thanks to its unique location and biological richness, Bornholm is an ideal place for cod fishing, a fish prized for its delicate taste and nutritional values.

Why Bornholm?

Located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm offers exceptional conditions for sea fishing. The specificity of the seabed around the island creates an ideal environment for cod, making it one of the best places in the world for cod fishing. The proximity of fishing grounds, clean water, and the biological richness of the sea make Bornholm a true paradise for anglers.

Fishing Expeditions to Bornholm:

Cod fishing enthusiasts can enjoy organized fishing trips that provide not only access to the best fishing grounds but also professional support and the company of other fishing enthusiasts. These trips offer unforgettable experiences and the chance to catch impressive specimens of cod, which will surely be a highlight of any angler's collection.

Benefits of Sea Fishing on Bornholm:

Unique Fishing Grounds: Due to its location, Bornholm offers access to fishing grounds that are rich in cod and other fish species.
Professionalism: Organized fishing expeditions provide the support of experienced guides, which is especially valuable for beginner anglers.
Unforgettable Experiences: Sea fishing around Bornholm is not just about catching fish, but also the opportunity to admire picturesque landscapes and spend time outdoors.

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Fishing on Bornholm

Shore Fishing on Bornholm: A Guide for Anglers

Bornholm, with its picturesque coastlines and diversity of fishing spots, is the perfect place for anyone looking for unique shore fishing experiences. This Danish island offers not only beautiful landscapes but also a wealth of fishing grounds where many species of fish can be caught, including the sought-after sea trout.

Unique Coasts of Bornholm:

Bornholm stands out among other places in Denmark with its unique coastline, offering ideal conditions for shore fishing. With 27 harbors scattered around the island, anglers have easy access to the best fishing spots. Whether you're looking for a quiet corner for relaxing fishing or the challenge of catching sea trout, Bornholm has everything you need.

Seasonal Fishing:

Fishing on Bornholm is characterized by seasonality, meaning different times of the year offer different fishing opportunities. Autumn and spring are the perfect times for shore fishing when the fishing grounds are full of fish. Winter brings an abundance of sea trout, while summer offers a unique opportunity for fishing in cooler mornings and evenings. Regardless of the season, Bornholm provides anglers with unforgettable experiences and the chance to catch the fish of their dreams.

Why Bornholm?

Diversity of Fishing Grounds: From calm beaches to rocky coasts, Bornholm offers a wide selection of shore fishing spots.
Accessibility: Thanks to the number of harbors, access to the best fishing spots is easy and convenient for anglers of all levels.
Seasonal Fishing: Bornholm offers diverse fishing experiences throughout the year, with seasonal peaks that attract fishing enthusiasts.

Shore fishing on Bornholm is not just a hobby but a passion that unites lovers of nature and tranquility with the exciting thrill of the catch. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting your adventure, Bornholm invites you to discover its unique coasts and fish richness. Prepare your rods and head for an unforgettable fishing expedition on one of Denmark's most beautiful islands.

Inland fishing

Inland Fishing on Bornholm: A Paradise for Freshwater Fishing Enthusiasts

Bornholm, known primarily for its picturesque coastlines and sea fishing, also hides true treasures for lovers of inland fishing. The freshwater lakes, peat bogs, ponds, and crystal-clear streams of the island offer excellent conditions for catching a variety of fish species, from pike to sea trout.

Wealth of Inland Fishing Grounds:

On Bornholm, every freshwater angler will find something for themselves. Numerous lakes and ponds are home to perch, pike, zander, eels, and trout. Particularly valuable trophies, such as sea trout, can be caught in the island's streams, especially at the mouth of Blykobbe Å from January to April. These diverse aquatic ecosystems not only provide great fishing conditions but also unforgettable views and closeness to nature.

Fishing without a Fishing License:

Importantly, on Bornholm, there are places where you can fish without the need for a special fishing license. This applies to some urban lakes, making inland fishing even more accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. It's the perfect opportunity to take the family or friends for a relaxing day by the water, enjoying the peace and beauty of Bornholm's nature.

Why Bornholm?

Diversity of Species: From sea trout to perch, Bornholm offers a wealth of fish species that will satisfy any angler.
The beauty of Nature: Inland fishing on Bornholm is not just about fishing but also the opportunity to admire the island's extraordinary nature.
Accessibility: The ability to fish in some places without a fishing license makes fishing here even more friendly.

Bornholm is not only a paradise for sea fishing enthusiasts but also an excellent place for those who prefer the tranquility and charm of inland fishing. The wealth of fish species, beautiful landscapes, and easy access to fishing grounds make Bornholm an ideal place for a fishing adventure. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting your fishing journey, the island offers countless opportunities to explore. Plan your trip to Bornholm and experience the unforgettable thrills of inland fishing.

On Bornholm, you can fish without a special fishing license in urban lakes:

Ruby Lake in Hasle Lystskov, where you can catch pike and perch,
Sapphire Lake in Hasle Lystskov, which, in addition to pike and perch, offers a wealth of fish such as carp,
Snorrebakkesø Lake in Snorrebakken on the outskirts of Rønne, offers pike and perch fishing as well as excellent eel fishing,
Kanegård Kanegårdsforogen on the outskirts of Rønne, offering carp, eels, and other fish, and Kaolingraven on the outskirts of Rønne, mainly offering pike fishing,
The lake at Torneværksvej on the outskirts of Rønne, offers various fish, including carp.

Additionally, you can fish without a special fishing permit in the following two forest lakes:

Sdr. Borgedal, located at the Rø plantation - pike and brook trout,
Åsedam, located in Almindingen, where you can catch pike, perch, and eel.

All other lakes are private, and a fee will be required for fishing.

Trolling Master Bornholm

Salmon Trolling on Bornholm: Exciting Deep-Sea Fishing in the Baltic Sea

Salmon trolling using specialized techniques allows for effective fishing at impressive depths, up to 60 meters, making Bornholm one of the most sought-after locations for trolling fishing in Europe.

Deep-Sea Trolling near Bornholm:

The deep waters surrounding Bornholm are the perfect spot for salmon trolling. Specialized lures led at depths up to 60 meters attract the largest specimens, offering anglers unforgettable thrills and the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. This unique experience combines a passion for fishing with a love of the sea.

Trolling Centers on Bornholm:

The eastern coast of Bornholm, especially around Tejn and Allinge, is famous for its well-equipped trolling centers. Anglers can benefit from the assistance of experienced guides and rent specialized boats adapted for trolling fishing. This way, even beginners in this form of fishing can enjoy the successes and emotions that come from fishing in the open sea.

Trolling Master Bornholm:

The spring competition, Trolling Master Bornholm, is an event that attracts anglers from all over Europe to Tejn on the northern coast. International competition, passion, and the spirit of sportsmanship make these competitions one of the most important events in the trolling enthusiasts' calendar. It's not only an opportunity to compete with the best but also a great time to exchange experiences and enjoy a shared passion for fishing.

Why Bornholm?

Unique Conditions for Trolling: The deep waters of the Baltic Sea around Bornholm offer ideal conditions for effective salmon trolling.
Specialized Centers: The eastern coast of the island provides access to specialized boats and guides, allowing for the full potential of trolling to be utilized.
International Competitions: Trolling Master Bornholm is an event that gathers trolling enthusiasts from around the world, offering not just competition but also the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Trolling on Bornholm is not just a fishing technique; it's a passion that unites lovers of the sea and fishing in the quest for the biggest salmon. Whether you are an experienced troller or just starting your adventure with this form of fishing, Bornholm offers ideal conditions for developing your skills and experiencing unforgettable moments on the open sea. Plan your trip to Bornholm and experience the thrills of deep-sea trolling in the Baltic Sea.

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