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Climbing on the island of Bornholm

Climbing on the island of Bornholm

Certainly, nobody associates Denmark as a typical climbing country. There is nothing to look for a typical sports climbing lover, because on the island you will not find a single spit. Everything is based on your own safety and you can even use hooks.

There is a Klatre-Centeret climbing school in the capital of Bornholm - Ronne (address: Nyvey 8, 3700 Ronne).


Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where granite is found. We have here small rocks and stones, something for lovers of small forms, scattered almost all over the island, as well as rock walls up to 30 meters.

The most interesting climbing areas are the cliffs around Jons Kapel, Hellingdomsklipperne and at Hammershus Castle. In addition, the Hammeren quarry - Mosseloken is interesting.

Bornholm Caves

Bornholm caves developed in the granite coastal cliffs. They are from a few to 70 meters long. They are almost straight crevices, without any branching. Corridors, whose width usually ranges from 1.5 - 3 meters, are very high up to 10 meters. Most of the caves are flooded during the storms or there is still water in them.

The largest and most interesting site, the Moist Cave (Vade Ovn), is 70 meters long and lies in a cliff below Hammershus Castle. Unfortunately, it is completely flooded with water. Due to the narrowness, it can only be crossed on a small pontoon.

There is another object under the castle, Dry n Cave (Torre Ovn), but it is only 6 meters long. For those who want to explore a Danish cave on a dry foot, it is better to go to the Helligdomsklipperne cliff on the northeast side of the island. Here we have three objects Black Caves (Sorte Ovn), to which leads a metal descent ladder and signpost. It is 38 meters long.

Also, by the stairs behind the signpost, we reach a 23-meter cave, again called Torre Ovn, and from the side there is only Vade Ovn available from the water (for this cave the length could not be determined). This repetition of the names of the caves, which makes it difficult to orientate, which is also the case with other Danish objects.

The last three small caves with lengths of 5, 5 and 10 meters, respectively, are located at the Jons Kapel cliff and are known as Jon Caves (Jon Ovn).

Climbing areas

Ekkodalen Gudhjemområdet Almeløkkebruddet
Hammershus boulders Hammershuskysten Bjergbakkebruddet
Holkadalen Haraldshavn Dalegårdsbruddet
Kleven Helligdommen Dyreparken
Kodal Hestekløve Hammerbruddet
Majdal Jons kapel Klinten
Paradisdalen Kongestolsområdet Klippeløkken
Ravnedal Kælderbakken Knarregård
Ringedalen Lindesdal Moseløkken
Tamperdal Mulekysten Præstebo
Randkløve Vangbruddet
Stammerhalle og Troldeskoven
Svaneke Boulder
Sæne Forstand

Climbing spots on the map

Reklama Bornholms Museum

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