Bornholm: Island of Flavors - Discover Culinary Gems

Do you want to uncover the secrets of Bornholm's cuisine, or perhaps your exhaustion has exceeded its limits, making it impossible to prepare your own meal? Maybe it's the exquisite flavors that tempted you to venture to Bornholm? Regardless of what drew you to this picturesque island, there is one reason compelling enough to embark on a culinary journey throughout its entire area.

In recent years, much has happened on Bornholm, and if you were to ask us, it should be known not only as the Island of Sun but also as the Island of Gastronomy. New, exciting, and creative restaurants have emerged, surprising our taste buds, while the already established ones with a long tradition still manage to delight and pamper our palates.

Here is a list of restaurants that currently capture our hearts on the island. You will find places for the whole family, for food enthusiasts, as well as for those seeking delicious dishes without breaking the bank.

Kingdom of Flavors - Restaurants That Will Enchant Your Taste Buds

Melsted Badehotel: A Paradise for Food Lovers by the Sea

Welcome to Melsted Badehotel, a charming seaside hotel near Gudhjem that has recently undergone renovation. However, the true gem of this place is the restaurant that will captivate you, whether you are a hotel guest or simply exploring the charms of Bornholm. Here, you will experience refined cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere, and breathtaking views of the beach and sea.
Led by Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen, the restaurant is run by a talented team that has already gained recognition at The Røde Pakhus in Rønne, Molen in Nexø, and Christianshøjkroen in Aakirkeby. These experienced chefs are well acquainted with the treasures of Bornholm's pantry, which is reflected in the ever-changing menu of Melsted Badehotel Restaurant. They serve passionate and flavorful dishes based on local and seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy an exquisite dinner in the bright, beautiful interiors of the restaurant, or sit on the terrace, where you can admire the picturesque view of the cliffs, beach, and sea.

Opening hours: From April 30th until the end of the season (including week 42).
Address: Melstedvej 27, 3760 Gudhjem

Melsted Badehotel: Raj Smakoszy na Brzegu Morza, Bornholm restauracja

Restaurant Njord: Nordic Cuisine in the Light of the Sea - Discover Bornholm on a Plate!

Welcome to Restaurant Njord, an integral part of Siemsens Gaard Hotel in the picturesque town of Svaneke. Here, enjoying a meal becomes an absolute necessity, whether you are a hotel guest or not.
The name of the restaurant, Njord, pays homage to the Nordic culinary heritage, which serves as inspiration for the chefs. Based on seasonal Bornholm products - from fruits and berries to vegetables, fish, and meat - the menu at Restaurant Njord changes with each season, always offering something new and exquisite to taste.
Recently renovated, the restaurant captivates with bright colors and beautiful wooden furniture. The atmosphere is exceptional, and the Njord staff devotes themselves to the passion for food, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey. Marvel at the breathtaking view of Svaneke harbor and the Baltic Sea while indulging in a gourmet dinner.

Opening hours: From March 30, 2023, until the end of the season (including the 42nd week).
Address: Havnebryggen 9, 3740 Svaneke

Kadeau: Flavorsome Secrets of Southern Bornholm - Explore Modern Bornholm-Nordic Cuisine!

Welcome to Kadeau, a hidden gem surrounded by sand, sea, and forests in the picturesque southern part of Bornholm. In an old beach pavilion, an enchanting journey through modern Bornholm-Nordic cuisine awaits you, based on local ingredients. It's an extraordinary place that attracts travelers from afar.
After renovation and beautifully designed interiors featuring light materials, Kadeau offers a unique culinary experience. The presented dishes are served on charming Bornholm ceramics, emphasizing their high quality. The restaurant gained recognition and received a prestigious Michelin star in 2016, which it has maintained to this day.

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday, from April 6th to September 24th, 2023 (also open on Wednesdays during weeks 28, 29, and 30).
Address: Baunevej 18, 3720 Aakirkeby

Bornholm Flavor Treasures at a Great Price

Provianten: Taste Bornholm with Good Food and Better Prices!

In the heart of Gudhjem harbor, you'll find our absolute favorite since 2018 - a cozy harbor bar called Provianten. It's a place where you can meet, share a meal, and enjoy wine tasting in a pleasant atmosphere.
Provianten may be small, but the hearts of its guests are huge. While it's not a traditional restaurant, you can always find delicious dishes to eat here. The menu always offers one or two "plat du jour" - often an aromatic meat stew or a juicy vegetarian pancake, along with a variety of snacks.
On Thursdays, communal dinners take place, where we share a meal at a long table with other guests. One dish is served, often on large plates and in bowls. It's a wonderful way to have a tasty dinner for a small amount (95 DKK) and a great opportunity to meet new people - both locals and tourists.
If you want to participate in the communal meals, prior reservation is necessary. The number of seats is limited, so we recommend contacting Provianten by phone.

Opening hours: Provianten has different opening hours, which are regularly updated on their Facebook page.
Address: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 28, Gudhjem

Det Røde Pakhus: Culinary Masterpieces in the Heart of Rønne - Discover a Taste Paradise on Bornholm!

In the heart of Rønne, awaits the restaurant Det Røde Pakhus - a long-awaited culinary sanctuary led by Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen. These talented and experienced chefs also run the Melsted Badehotel Restaurant near Gudhjem, and previously successfully managed the Molen Restaurant in Nexø and Christianshøjkroen in Aakirkeby.
Troels and Daniel's mission at Det Røde Pakhus is to combine the best flavors that the sea and forest have to offer, creating an unforgettable experience for guests. The menu at the restaurant is always tailored to the season, using local, seasonal ingredients. Whether you prefer fish, meat, or are a vegetarian, you will surely find something for yourself on the menu.
The restaurant has a pleasant and charming atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy excellent food at affordable prices. This place is definitely worth a visit!
Don't forget to taste the dessert during your visit to Det Røde Pakhus. Daniel Kruse gained experience in pastry at the renowned Copenhagen bakery La Glace and has won many awards for his exquisite sweets. It is an absolute imperative not to miss the desserts at Det Røde Pakhus.

Opening hours: The restaurant is open year-round. Lunch from Tuesday to Sunday (from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM) and dinner (from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM). Monday: Closed.
Address: Snellemark 30, 3700 Rønne

Discover culinary adventures with your family on Bornholm: Restaurants where children are in the spotlight!

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

This is the perfect place for those who crave a delicious and satisfying dinner along with beer in a cozy setting. This charming restaurant is highly acclaimed among both tourists and local residents. One of the greatest advantages of Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is its strong commitment to using local ingredients in most of their dishes. As a result, the menu is diverse and satisfying for every guest. You can find fish and meat dishes, and there are also children's treats available for the youngest ones, such as Pasta Bolognese, fish fillet, and fish meatballs. For beer enthusiasts, Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant has a lot to offer. You will find a wide selection of locally brewed beers, which are prepared in a large copper kettle. The restaurant's brewer enjoys experimenting with different blends, meaning you can try unique beers that are only available at this restaurant. It's a great opportunity to discover new flavors and experiences.

Opening hours: Daily until 8:30 PM, all year round.
Address: Svaneke Torv 5, 3740 Svaneke

Restauracja Svaneke Bryghus, Bornholm

Pakhuset Restaurant, Svaneke

Pakhuset Restaurant, located in Svaneke, is situated in the heart of the town, between Svaneke Torv and the harbor. It is housed in an old, red warehouse, adding charm and character to this picturesque place.
One of the main distinguishing features of Pakhuset Restaurant is its child-friendly atmosphere, providing spaces for both the youngest and older guests. The menu is rich and diverse, offering many options to satisfy every palate. You can choose from various fish and meat dishes. For children, there is a separate menu that includes classic meals for the little ones, such as fish fillets, nuggets, and meatballs.
The plank steak is one of the classic dishes that has enjoyed popularity for many years at Pakhuset Restaurant. A special attraction for children is the self-service ice cream bar, filled with plenty of toppings and various extras, which brings them great joy.

Opening hours: From April 1st and throughout the rest of the season (up to week 42).
Address: Brænderigænget 3, 3740 Svaneke

Texas, Rønne

In Rønne, there is a restaurant called Texas that draws inspiration from American cuisine. If you're a fan of juicy steaks, delicious hamburgers, and tasty ribs, you must visit this place. The menu offers all these appetizing dishes, and a separate menu is prepared for the youngest guests.
The atmosphere at Texas is friendly and relaxed. Besides the excellent food, the main reason to visit this restaurant is the sense of intimacy and excellent service. At Texas, you will always be greeted with the utmost hospitable smile, as if you were a long-lost customer returning home.
Texas also broadcasts major sports events that you can watch in their spacious interiors. Particularly popular is the Super Bowl, which attracts many guests to this year-round open restaurant in Rønne.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Friday to Saturday: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Sunday: Closed.
Address: Store Torvegade 14, 3700 Rønne

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