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Sea kayaking on Bornholm


Sea kayaking on Bornholm is a unique and exciting way to explore and experience the natural, unspoiled beauty of this lovely Danish island. Year after year, interest in the sport grows, and there is now a wide range of programs on offer - from short trips of just a few hours today trips around the island. When sea kayaking, you get to know Bornholm's nature in a different and fascinating way. You can take part in courses and guided tours on the island, or hire equipment and go out to sea. When you look at the island from a kayak, you will see a completely different side of Bornholm - a beautiful variety of rocky coastline, sandy beaches, natural caves, harbors, and the largest medieval ruins of Hammershus Castle in northern Europe.

All sea kayaking trip plans are weather, wind, and wave dependent - HERE is the current weather for the island. Below is a sample plan and stages to circumnavigate this magnificent island, but please adapt it to the current weather conditions.

Sea kayaking on Bornholm

Rønne (Nørrekaas beach) - Allinge (harbour), approx. 28 km in total.

Stage I: Ronne-Hasle harbor 10 km - Starting from the tiny sandy beach of Nørrekaas by kayak, just after the harbor we paddle towards Hasle. On the way you pass extensive beaches, rock formations and even one of the many Bornholm shelters - Blykobbe, where you can camp for free (for one night only) and spend the night provided that no one has occupied it before. Further on we reach another tourist attraction - Kullatippan - heaps created as a result of piling up rock material from a coal mine, which was located nearby (now Rubinso Lake). The first stage ends in Hasle on a tiny beach on Vesthavnswej Street, next to a bar, toilets and a few hundred meters from the harbor bath.

Stage II: Hasle-Hammerhavn, 11.5 km - We sail along the Bornholm coast, passing two small harbors - Helligpeder and Teglkås, and we see the unique rock formations of the island - Jons Kapel and Hvidkleven - just in front of them there is another shelter, then we pass the Vang Pier, where there is a shelter on a hill next to an old quarry, and we continue to Vang harbor. Further on you will see amazing rocks - such as Lion's Head and Camel's Head - and the Wet Oven Cave near the ruins of Hammershus Castle. The second leg ends in the charming harbor of Hammerhavn, where there is a kiosk and toilets and one of the kayakers' favorite shelters and a primitive campsite where you can enjoy the sunsets in a larger group.

Stage III: Hammerhavnen-Allinge, 7 km - in the next stage we paddle around Hammeren - magnificent and high cliffs, with diverse vegetation, lighthouse Hammerodde - the northernmost point of the island. Further on we pass more rock formations, a sandy beach and the harbor of Sandvig and we reach the harbor of Allinge, where there are cafes, restaurants, shops and toilets along the promenade.

Allinge - Svaneke (Hulshavn) Approx.  34 km.

I etap: Allinge-Bådsted, 9 km. Leaving the port, we pass the Nordbornholms smokehouse, and between the rocks the beaches at Næs and Sandkås, we past the port at Tejn, further round the Stammershalle nature reserve, behind which there is another coastal shelter - Stammershalle, and then we reach a small idyllic, sandy bay between the Boådsted rocks.

II etap:Båtsted-Norrasând (west side of Gudhjem) approx. 6,5 km. We go around the rocky coast intersected by sandy beaches, the Hellingdomsklipperne, and Dry Oven rock formations, and another shelter - Røsta kystshelter, we reach the west side of Gudhjem, where there are cafes, a smokehouse, restaurants, shops, and toilets.

III etap: Norrasând-beach Høl, 13 km.After Gudhjem we pass the port in Melsted and sandy and rocky beaches of Melsted and Kobbeå, then we pass the historic site Randkløve Skår and between the rocks the small harbor Harald, then in the direction of Listed we pass the Gyldensåen viewpoint and reach the Høl beach.

IV etap: Plaża Høl-Hullehavn, 5 km.We head to Svaneke, go past the port in Listed and reach the small, rocky Hullehavn bathing area at the Svaneke lighthouse, where it is possible to rent caravans, cabins, or just set the tent. From here we can go back about 500 m and get to know one of the most charming towns on the island, where there are many galleries, restaurants, cafes and one of the famous smokehouses on Bornholm – close to the port.

Hulshavn (Svaneke) - Boderne ok. 32 km.

I etap: Hulshavn w Svaneke-Snogebæk, 14 km. The route passes next to Grisby and Aarsdale, where one of the most and most photographed windmills on Bornholm is located. We continue along the Swedish port and the Malkværn open-air museum. Then we go around the city and port of Nexø and the Fugletårnet bird sanctuary, along Balka Beach, where there is a family water sports center that organizes guided kayaking trips daily. Next, we head to the port in Snogebæk, where about 50 m from the beach there are a kiosk, restaurant, smokehouse and toilets.

II etap: Snogebæk-Jomfrugaard, 9 km. The next stage flows around the most beautiful beach in northern Europe - Dueoode and the Dueodde lighthouse visible from afar and ends at Jomfrugaard beach, which is the favorite place for surfers, where there is a primitive toilet in the parking lot.

III etap: Jomfrugaard-Boderne, 9 km. The last stage is a strip of sandy beaches and the port of Sømarken, which ends at the charming beach in Boderne, where there is a restaurant and toilets.

Boderne - Rønne, in total 21,5 km.

I etap: Boderne-Arnager, 11 km. Leaving the port, we pass sandy beaches crossed by stony cliffs. We reach the port of Arnager, where the longest bridge in Denmark is located. 50 m from the beach there is a kiosk and toilets and a little bit further there is a smokehouse.

II etap: Arnager-Rønne. The last 10 km after the airport in Arnager we pass the beaches Stampen, Onsbæk, Galløkkeni and end at the beach just in front of the largest port on Bornholm in the capital of the island of Rønne.

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