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Other Towns On Bornholm

On the island of Bornholm, apart from the capital Rønne, there are practically no real cities. No wonder that Bornholm is also home to Denmark's smallest city, Svaneke. Also, Nexø, Hasle, and Aakirkeby may call themselves "cities", although by standards they are no bigger cities. But that's what makes Bornholm's cities so attractive.

All the cities of Bornholm have retained their originality and regardless of their location, they offer a typical Danish island atmosphere. Especially typical of Bornholm are the small fishing villages on the coast of the island, where the small port is often the city centre, and there is usually a smokehouse in the immediate vicinity. Also, almost every small town has its own church.

We can move around the island by car, bicycles or BAT public transport. All the towns and cities of Bornholm are linked by a network of bicycle paths, most of which were built on the site of the former narrow-gauge railway tracks. Bicycle paths surround the whole of Bornholm and create a kind of spider web inside the island. Accurately marked bicycle routes, parking lots, and toilets are conducive to cycling tourism.

Smaller towns can charm us with their climate and buildings. Tourism plays a major role in every town on Bornholm. Numerous campsites, hotels, and cheap campsites are conducive to a family vacation, where we can stay and explore the area. We will find there many tourist attractions, places for families with children and monuments. In addition to the smokehouses, restaurants, and cafes present on the island, we can also visit home galleries of local craftsmen.

Admire the diversity of the landscape - high cliffs in the north of the island, wide and sandy beaches in the south, or one of the largest forests in Denmark - Almindingen, where, with a bit of luck, we can see the bison that were brought here from Poland in June 2012.

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