Towns on Bornholm: Discover the Charm of the Danish Island

On the picturesque island of Bornholm in Denmark, you won't find traditional villages like those in other places. Bornholm is divided into four municipalities: Allinge-Gudhjem, Bornholm, Christiansø, and Nexø, each focusing on several smaller towns and charming rural areas. These local enclaves offer everything you need for a vacation: shops, restaurants, cafes, and plenty of tourist attractions.

The largest of these towns are Rønne, serving as the island's capital, Nexø, Aakirkeby, Allinge-Sandvig, Gudhjem, Hasle, and Svaneke. Besides Rønne, there are virtually no typical cities on the island. This makes Bornholm particularly unique, and Denmark's smallest town, Svaneke, takes pride in its distinction. Although Nexø, Hasle, and Aakirkeby also label themselves as "towns," by general standards, they are not large urban centers. However, it is their charm and small size that attract tourists.

All the places on Bornholm maintain their authenticity and preserve the typical Danish atmosphere of the island. Especially characteristic are the small fishing villages along the island's shores, where the harbor often serves as the heart of the town, and nearby, you'll find smokehouses. Additionally, nearly every one of these tiny towns has its own charming church.

On Bornholm, you can get around by car, bicycle, or use the public BAT transportation system. All the towns and villages on the island are connected by a network of cycling paths, often following the old narrow-gauge railway tracks. Thanks to clear signage for bicycle routes, parking facilities, and restrooms, cycling around Bornholm becomes a true pleasure.

The smaller towns on Bornholm enchant with their unique atmosphere and architecture. Tourism plays a central role in each of these places. On the island, you'll find numerous campsites, hotels, and budget-friendly camping fields that provide excellent conditions for families. It's the perfect place to spend the night and explore the surroundings. Among the tourist attractions are family-friendly places and many historical sites worth visiting.

In addition to the ubiquitous smokehouses, restaurants, and cafes, Bornholm also offers the chance to visit local craftsmen's home galleries. The island offers a diverse landscape, from high cliffs in the north, to wide sandy beaches in the south, to one of Denmark's largest forests - Almindingen, where with a bit of luck, you might encounter bison that were brought from Poland in June 2012. Bornholm is an extraordinary place with much to offer every visitor exploring this island.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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