Discover Bornholm on SUP Safari - Your Adventure on a Stand-Up Paddleboard

Welcome to an unforgettable SUP Safari across the picturesque waters of Bornholm. Our offer is designed for both beginners and experienced stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts. With a variety of routes, each participant will find something for themselves – from calm paddling alongside historical ruins to the exciting exploration of wild nature and spectacular cliffs.

1. SUP Safari from Hammerhavn Port - Exploring the Hammershus Ruins

Start your adventure at Hammerhavn port and embark on a SUP Safari that offers a unique perspective on the ruins of Hammershus Castle. This route is the perfect combination of active leisure and cultural exploration, leading participants along the rocky coasts of Bornholm. The price includes a professional introduction to SUP, full instructor support, and equipment rental.


2. SUP Safari from Sandvig - Exploring Hammerknuden and the Northernmost Lighthouse

This unique SUP Safari route starts from Sandvig, where participants set out to discover the breathtaking cliffs of Hammerknuden and the northernmost lighthouse in Denmark. It's not just a sporting adventure but also a unique opportunity to admire the natural and historical treasures of Bornholm from a completely new perspective.


3. SUP Safari from Gudhjem - Viewing the Helligdomsklipperne Rocks

Departing from Gudhjem, participants on this route will have the opportunity to approach the famous Helligdomsklipperne rocks. This offer is for those looking for unique natural views and a bit more challenge. The price of the route is determined individually to ensure the best experience for each group.

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What the Offer Includes:

Professional guidance by an experienced SUP instructor.
Rental of complete equipment: SUP board, paddle, safety vest.
Preliminary safety and SUP technique training.
The ability to tailor the route to the group's skills and preferences.

Why Our SUP Safari?

Choosing our SUP Safari, you opt for active relaxation combined with the exploration of extraordinary places. We offer not only high-quality equipment and professional support but also the unique chance to see Bornholm from the water – a perspective that reveals its true beauty and history.


Interested? Contact us to book your place on the SUP Safari or to get more information. Whether you're an experienced SUP enthusiast or just starting out, we guarantee unforgettable experiences and professional support at every step.

Join us and discover the magical coasts of Bornholm on a SUP!

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