Discover Bornholm with VisitBornholm: Your Unforgettable Vacation on the Periphery of Adventures

Welcome to the world of travel where Bornholm becomes your friendly stop on the road to unforgettable experiences. VisitBornholm puts your needs and expectations first when embarking on this charming island journey. Our passion lies in making your vacation a wonderful story you'll tell for years to come.

Tailored to Your Dreams

Our offering encompasses not only standard Bornholm tour packages but also personalized solutions that fulfill your deepest desires. We believe that travel is much more than just seeing places—it's about immersing yourself in culture, savoring local delicacies, and uncovering unique traditions. Our experienced team won't just present you with a ready-made offer but will also listen to your passions and interests to create a vacation exactly as you've envisioned.

Hassle-Free Organization

Bornholm isn't just breathtaking views and fascinating attractions—it's also seamless organization of your journey. From the moment you set foot on Bornholm until the farewell, our team provides support every step of the way. Booking hotels, ferry tickets, car rentals, or arranging an unforgettable tour with a local guide—these are just some of the services we can handle for you. With us, your vacation will become a hassle-free and relaxing escape from the everyday.

Countless Possibilities

Traveling is about discovering new horizons, immersing yourself in the local atmosphere, and creating memories that stand the test of time. We understand that you're a traveler seeking unique experiences. That's why we offer not only ready-made packages but also open up countless possibilities for you to choose from. Whether it's exciting exploration of historical sites, participation in traditional festivals, or relaxation on charming beaches—we're ready to adapt to your desires.

Bornholm awaits you with open arms, and we are here to make your vacation on this island truly unforgettable. VisitBornholm is your partner in realizing your travel dreams. Let us take care of the organization, while you enjoy every moment spent on this exceptional island. Trust us, and you'll discover Bornholm in a way you've never experienced before.

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We organise:

- one-day trips
- multi-day stays for individual tourists and groups
- themed stays: golf, diving, fishing, etc.
- coach, bike and walking tours
- themed excursions
- engagements, weddings and receptions
- stag and hen parties
- Individual climbing, canoeing, etc.
- integration trips and training stays for companies and institutions
- help with the preparation of an individual itinerary
- booking of ferry tickets

- stargazing
- visits to nature reserves
- bird watching
- scenic flights
- liquor tasting
- transport
- a wide choice of accommodation
- guided tours
- equipment rental
- restaurant reservations

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