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Beaches on Bornholm

Beaches on Bornholm

Nowhere in Denmark the coastline is diverse as on Bornholm. Steep cliffs, cozy bays, flat sandy beach - that's what the island offers us. In the south of Bornholm, Dueodde has the most beautiful sandy beach that can compete internationally in the European Champions League of super beaches.

Bornholm's beaches are ideal for children, because in most cases the seabed gently slopes and is sandy.
The water quality on the Bornholm coast is good and checked frequently. During very warm summers and with the offshore winds there are quite abundant algae plantations in the bays. Their residues sometimes accumulate on the shore, not always creating a pleasant-smelling mass, and are often the reason for not swimming. Their occurrence does not affect all beaches: if they occur on one side of the island, then they are not on the other.

There is no official nudist beach on Bornholm, but being naked is not officially prohibited here. The beaches are dominated by partially dressed sunbathers - in Denmark, tanning is only popular in the lower part of the wardrobe. The generally accepted rule is that total nudity is allowed at the edge of the beach, but not at the main entrances.

Waters around the coast of Bornholm are good for surfers and kiter, the right wind almost always blows here. The most popular beaches are all easily accessible from parking lots and with sufficient beach area to the shore - they are located in: Balka, Jomfrugård, the western end of Dueodde beach, near Boderne and in Nørrekås bay, right next to the marina north of the Rønne.

Dueodde beach

Dueodde can compete with the best beaches in the world - it is compared to beaches in the Caribbean, only pine trees grow instead of palm trees, and instead of giant hotel s you can only see the edge of the forest, behind which there are holiday homes, three campsites and a small hotel complex. There are no bigger buildings from the beach, except for the 47-meter Dueodde lighthouse, which after entering the 196 stairs offers a magnificent view of the entire area. The lighthouse stands where the beach and dunes are the largest, about 600 m from the shore inland, of which 100 m is a flat beach.

Dueodde beach stretches from Snogebæk to the southern end of Bornholm. The most eastern part of the beach is a nudist beach. However, the farther east or west of the island, the beach and dunes belt narrows quickly.

This beach is ideal for families with children because it has a gently sloping and sandy seabed, in many places you can go deep into the sea before the water reaches the neck.

Dueodde sand also has a history - it is so white and so fine that it was used to make hourglasses.

Access to Dueodde is signposted throughout Bornholm, following the signs, we will reach a parking lot at Fyrvej Street, from where a wooden platform leads to the beach (about 500 m through the dunes). There are also regular buses around the island that run here from all parts of the island. Near the parking lot there is a kiosk offering ice cream, a souvenir shop as well as cafes and restaurants.

Another beach car park can be reached by a parallel road further east - Skokkegårdvejen from where it is only about 100 m through the dunes to the beach. Next to the car park is a well-stocked kiosk and restaurant belonging to the campsite.

Approximately 2.5 km west from the parking lot at Fyrvej, the Udegårdsvej road leads to the parking lot directly to the Jomfrugård beach, which is only a few meters wide here, but this is the favorite place of surfers.

Balka and Snogebaek beaches

Balka is located south of Nexø and the beach is absolutely fantastic here..

Balka Beach is very child - friendly, because you have to go deep into the water before reaching the depth, and on the way we walk on a beautiful sandy bottom. The beach has nice, white and fine sand without stones and for a reason it has been recognized as the best beach in Denmark several times.

In the summer there are many different attractions on the beach - beach volleyball, pedal boat rental, kayaking and windsurfing. There are lifeguards on the beach in high season. The beautiful and sandy Snogebaek beach begins south of Balka, at the small port. From this place, the beach stretches like a white strip all the way around the southern tip of the island to Rønne. Snogebæk is especially liked by vacationers because many holiday homes are located right on the beach.

Sømarken and Boderne beaches

Sømarken consists of east Sømarken and west Sømarken, and the beach, which extends as far as the eye can see, is west of Dueodde. The beach is very varied by large areas of dunes. The sand is slightly more rough compared to the sand on the Dueodde beach.

Boderne beach can be reached by road towards Ronne. First we come across youth hostel, then we pass the a large clothing store - Pia Stærmose, and following the path down the beach appears. It is a beautiful, but narrow, sandy beach sheltered by steep dunes, the water is transparent and shallow - suitable for children. Many sunbathers here are residents from nearby holiday homes behind the dunes, but when traveling by car, at the end of the access road there is a public car park for about 50 vehicles - on sunny summer days there is crowded here, because access to the beach is narrow, and it is also one of most popular places on the island. A kiosk and ice cream parlor are nearby.

Rønne Nørrekås, Antoinette, Onsbæk & Galløkken beaches

The island's capital, Rønne, is little known as a seaside resort, but it has several beaches that are visited by both locals and tourists.

Nørrekås Beach
Nørrekås is located in the central part of Rønne next to the marina. The beach is not large, at first there was only a marina, but gradually more sand was added and a beach was created, which runs along Nordre Kystvej, making it easily accessible.

Antoinette beach
Antoinette is located north of Rønne. In addition to Balka beach, Antoinette beach is the only beach in Bornholm, where lifeguards are in season. The sand is light and fine-grained, but with slightly larger stones in the water along the shore. The northernmost part of the beach is a nudist beach. Parking is available, and the nearby campsite has a well-stocked kiosk with all the little things and snacks needed for a full day of sunbathing.

Stampen, Onsbæk and Galløkken beaches
Onsbæk and Galløkken are next to each other on a long beach south of Rønne, easily accessible on foot or by bike. Even on hot days, there are no crowds here, and the of paths above the cliffs and to the beach encourage walking on cloudy days. There are a lot of steep slopes along the beaches, so there are a few steep stairs down here. The beaches are not suitable for people in wheelchairs, who have difficulty walking or want to take a pram with them. The beaches are not so wide, but we will find a lot of free space here, the sea bottom is sandy, sometimes large stones appear. The location of the beaches is beautiful - they are surrounded by steep, green slopes.

Hasle beach

Hasle Beach is located just south of Hasle in the west of Bornholm. This beach is hidden behind the forest at Hasle. We get to it by driving along Nyker Strandvej north of Rønne, and then we have to turn left. The beach is several kilometers long, with nice sand and good bathing conditions.

Hasle Beach impresses with its location, which guarantees very beautiful sunsets. The hidden location of this beach guarantees us a lot of free space and peace. In addition to the beautiful, sandy beach there are single small and large boulders. There is parking and toilets in the forest next to the beach.

Næs beach near Allinge

The mini beach at the southern end of Allinge is a bathing place rather than a beach. There is only about 100 meters of beach here, hidden between granite rocks with quite coarse-grained sand - coarse-grained, of course, if we take Dueodde sand as a measure.

The seabed is sandy and there are algae-covered rocks. Parking spaces at Næs Strand are limited. A few steps from the beach there is Nordbornholms Røgeri and freshly smoked herring.

Sandvig beach

Sandvig Beach is located at the northern end of Bornholm, at the foot of Hammeren. The beach is sandy, surrounded by cliffs and green hills, it is the most popular beach in northern Bornholm.

There is a pier here from which you can jump into the water, the sand on the beach is soft, the sea bottom is also sandy. There are many ice cream parlors, cafes and restaurants on Sandvig Beach.

Sandkås beach

Sandkås Beach is one of the few sandy beaches in the north - east of Bornholm, because there are many cliffs along the coast. Sandkås is located between Allinge and Tejn and is an amazingly beautiful beach with a mix of rocks and sand.

Directly behind the bay there is a car park, a kiosk with snack bar and a mini golf course - about 400 meters south, which can be easily reached by walking along the shore.

Melsted and Kobbeå beaches

Melsted and Kobbeå bays are located south of Gudhjem. Vacationers who spend their holidays in the area often use this place.

Melsted Beach is a sandy beach surrounded by rocks with fine sand and clear water. The beach runs from the port of Melsted and ends at Melsted Badehotel. The Melsted beach bathing pier leads from the sand to the deeper water.

Svaneke Hullehavn beach

There is a small area called Hulshavn in Svaneke. It is an old "port" with a separate surface with rough sand, at the bottom is a small surface with shallow water ideal for small children. At the other end of the old quay there is a trampoline from which you can jump into the water, To the sea is rocky with crystal clear water.

Close to the beach is a small kiosk / café Syd Øst for Paradise. It serves sunbathers with drinks, lunch and ice cream, or you can relax on beach chairs. In the evening there is live music.

Beaches Sose & Arnager

Sose Beach is especially known for its historic battle. In 1674, 19 Swedish warships were destroyed and sunk in a bay on Sose Odde. Sose Beach is located about 12 km southeast of Ronne near Boderne. The beach is a beautiful natural beach, consisting of high slopes of sand and stone. Despite the rocks found in the water, you can find an entrance to the water with a sandy bottom. The beach is not wide, but it is beautiful with the slopes behind it.

The beach at Arnager connects with the beach at Sose. Here is also a sandy beach with stones, which is protected by a small cliff. The beach is located in Arnager, a nice small fishing village about 8 km. south of Rønne near Bornholm Airport. The beach is not wide, but sandy, there are cliffs and dunes behind the beach. The Arnager beach begins at the port, which is the port with the longest wooden bridge in Denmark.

Frederiksø Baths (Pea Islands)

When visiting the islands of the Ertholmene archipelago, we can take a bathing suit. Around the rocky island of Christiansø you can swim between the protruding cliffs.

The most beautiful beach area is on Frederiksø. At the back of the island there is a large bathing pier from which you can jump into the very deep and clean water of the Baltic Sea.

Reklama Bornholms Museum

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