Scuba diving on Bornholm

Scuba diving on Bornholm is definitely growing in popularity. The island offers a variety of possibilities and provides some of the best diving in Denmark. Bornholm is a place with beautiful cliff formations and transparent water, which makes diving near Bornholm a special experience.

Bornholm is the best place to dive if you want beautiful scenery, the dive sites here are spectacular compared to all other Danish sea waters. No matter from which direction the wind is blowing, you can always find a dive site. The diving at the beach in the northeastern part of Bornholm is not that deep, we can reach a maximum depth of 8-10 metres. You can dive there by yourself, as the only other people you will meet there are fishermen or swimmers. When diving on Bornholm, you should be aware that there are strong underwater currents if there is a strong onshore wind.

Due to the low salinity of the water surrounding Bornholm, you will not find much marine life, but you will find rocks and crevices, and the most beautiful thing about diving on Bornholm is that you will see a wide range of colours, which makes the photography worth the extra time. There are also several lakes on Bornholm which can be an alternative if the sea is too rough to dive in. Heading southwest you will find many rocky entry points, so it is advisable to use a boat when diving. On this side of the island, there are large wrecks that are worth visiting, especially if you are a photographer.

Diving on Bornholm

map of wrecks on Bornholm

The wrecks of Bornholm

The Danish island of Bornholm is associated by divers mainly with wrecks, which are scattered in its closer and slightly more distant vicinity. The wrecks around Bornholm are a real treat for wreck divers from all over Scandinavia and beyond. The dive sites in the close vicinity of the island are quite easily accessible for the recreational diver, as the wrecks are located at depths of approximately 40 metres. The deepest units in the area are the Koronowo at a depth of 52 metres and the largest wreck in the area - Fu Shan Hai at 70 metres. The Evi Antonatos - a Cypriot freighter, whose remains rest at a depth of only 6 metres is also an interesting proposition for divers.

In general, it can be said that the Bornholm coast is strewn with the remains of wooden wrecks, including sailing ships. Unidentified vessels can be found at places like Svenskehavn and Hullehavn on the west of the island. This amount of remains of wooden wrecks is a natural consequence of the island's history, which is inextricably linked to the sea. For centuries there have been fishing villages on Bornholm that prospered from fishing for herring, cod and salmon. From the Middle Ages onwards Bornholm's towns and villages flourished thanks to the sea trade with the Hanseatic League. This meant that every town on the coast of Bornholm had its own harbour. It is also important to note that none of the sunken ships around Bornholm is the result of warfare. The most common causes were disasters caused by human error or accidents.

Interesting alternatives to the already cult wrecks of Bornholm are the Greek steamer Katherina Peppa, lying at only 20 metres, and the Danish cutter Mikkel Nielsen R154 - probably the most axed wreck in the whole Baltic Sea.

The most popular wrecks on Bornholm:

MS Fu Shan Hai
Whiskey class submarine
Galeas Affaire
Koronowo (Pole)
MV Bonita
Scottish schooner Ada

Sea kayaking on Bornholm

Dive sites of interest

Hammerknuden rundt - day trip around the north coast of Bornholm, max. 14m.
Sandvig - reef, max. 6m. Allinge - beautiful canyon, possibility to observe flatfish, max. 16m.
Nas - reef, max. 6m. Tejn - reef, max. 10m.
Pengekisten - colourful adventure, max. 8m.
Bolshavn - ideal for night diving, max. 8m.
Listed - a must-see reef, max. 18m.
Hullehavn - canyons, max. 30m.
Opalso/Rubinso - freshwater diving for a change, lakes in the centre of the island, max. 12m.
Ertholmene - unique wall dive, max. 30m.

map of dive sites on Bornholm
tovbanen on Bornholm
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