Diving in Bornholm: Discover the Underwater Wonders of Denmark

Exploring the underwater world of Bornholm is becoming increasingly popular among diving enthusiasts. This Danish island, renowned for its diversity and spectacular diving spots, is considered one of the best destinations for underwater adventure lovers in Denmark. Thanks to its extraordinary cliff formations and crystal-clear water, Bornholm provides unforgettable experiences for anyone who decides to delve into its underwater realm.

Diving in Bornholm guarantees not only beautiful underwater scenery but also unique experiences, incomparable to any other locations in Danish waters. Regardless of the weather conditions, the island offers perfect diving spots suited to every level of expertise. The northeastern beach of Bornholm is an ideal place for beginners, with a maximum depth of just 8-10 meters, offering calm and safe conditions for solo diving.

When diving in Bornholm, it's important to be aware of the potential strong underwater currents that can occur with strong winds from the land. Despite the low salinity of the waters surrounding the island, divers will be delighted with the richness of colors of the underwater rocks and crevices, making every moment spent under water an unforgettable experience. Photographing these scenes is definitely worth the extra time.

For those looking for an alternative to the sea, Bornholm also offers several lakes that can be an excellent choice in rough waters. The southwestern part of the island attracts advanced divers, offering rocky entry points and impressive wrecks to explore, especially recommended for underwater photography enthusiasts.

Diving in Bornholm is not just a sport, it's primarily an opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of Danish waters. Anyone who decides on this underwater adventure can be sure that the experiences in Bornholm will be long remembered. Plan your diving trip to Bornholm and discover the extraordinary underwater landscapes waiting to be explored.

Diving on Bornholm

Discover the Wrecks of Bornholm: An Underwater Adventure in the Heart of the Baltic

Bornholm, this picturesque Danish island located in the Baltic Sea, has for years attracted divers fascinated by the underwater world of wrecks. The wrecks around the island, both those located close to the shore and those requiring further exploration, represent a true treasure for wreck diving enthusiasts. Visiting Bornholm, divers have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the history that rests on the seabed, exploring the remains of ships from various eras.

The wrecks scattered around Bornholm offer a variety of experiences for divers at every level of proficiency. From easily accessible wrecks located at a depth of about 40 meters, such as Evi Antonatos at just 6 meters, to more challenging and deeper situated units, like Koronowo at a depth of 52 meters or the impressive Fu Shan Hai at 70 meters.

Bornholm's history is closely linked with the sea, which is reflected in the numerous wooden shipwrecks, including sailing ships, that can be found along its coasts. These underwater monuments are a testament to the life and trade on the island through the centuries, especially during the economic revival thanks to trade with the Hanseatic League.

Unique additions to the list of wrecks to explore are Katherina Peppa, a Greek steamer resting at a depth of 20 meters, and Mikkel Nielsen R154, which has gained the reputation of being probably the most silted wreck in the Baltic. Each of these wrecks offers a unique story and diving conditions, encouraging the exploration of Bornholm's underwater heritage.

mapa wraków na Bornholmie

The Most Popular Wrecks of Bornholm:

The most popular wrecks of Bornholm, such as the MS Fu Shan Hai, Whiskey-class submarine, Galeas Affaire, Koronowo, MV Bonita, and the Scottish schooner Ada, attract divers from all over the world who wish to immerse themselves in the past and experience the unique atmosphere of these underwater relics. All of them create an extraordinary underwater landscape, full of history and unforgettable experiences.

Plan your diving adventure in Bornholm and join those who have had the opportunity to discover the underwater treasures of the Baltic. Exploring the wrecks around Bornholm is not only a fascinating hobby but also a way to gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the region. Whether you are an experienced wreck diver or just beginning your diving adventure, the wrecks of Bornholm offer something for everyone who wants to uncover the mysteries hidden deep beneath the sea's surface.

Diving on Bornholm

The Most Interesting Diving Spots

Hammerknuden rundt – a day trip around the northern coast of Bornholm, max depth 14m.
Sandvig – a reef, max depth 6m.
Allinge – a beautiful canyon, with the opportunity to observe flounders, max depth 16m.
Næs – a reef, max depth 6m.
Tejn – a reef, max depth 10m.
Pengekisten – a colorful adventure, max depth 8m.
Bolshavn – an ideal spot for night diving, max depth 8m.
Listed – a must-see reef, max depth 18m.
Hullehavn – canyons, max depth 30m.
Opalso/Rubinso – for a change, freshwater diving in the lakes at the center of the island, max depth 12m.
Ertholmene – unique wall diving, max depth 30m.

mapa miejsc do nurkowania na Bornholmie
tovbanen on Bornholm
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