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On Bornholm you can charge your electric bike

When you are on a cycling tour on Bornholm and need electricity to recharge your electric bike, you can stop at one of the new service buildings along the cycle paths on Bornholm.

Service buildings on Bornholm are more than just toilets

The service buildings on Bornholm are equipped with a toilet and automatic opening doors, making it easy for people with disabilities to enter. In addition, every service building has external charging contacts for electric bikes, mobile phones and more.

Here you can find the service buildings on Bornholm

Cycle route 10: Nørrekaas, Nordre Kystvej 19, 3700 Rønne
Cycle route 10: Sorthat / Muleby, Nyker Strandvej 19B, 3790 Hasle
Cycling route 10: Hasle Fælled, Fælledvej 26B, 3790 Hasle
Cycling route 10: Slotslyngen, Borrelyngvej 58, 3770 Allinge
Cycle route 10: Bobbe bro rest area, Helligdomsvej 7B, 3760 Gudhjem
Cycling route 10: Kobbe beach, Melstedvej 39A, 3760 Gudhjem
Cycling route 10: Saltuna / Hvide Hus, Randkløvevej 38C, 3751 Østermarie
Cycle route 10: Svaneke, Sydskovvvej, 3740 Svaneke
Cycling route 10: Nexø car park, Toldbodvej 3, 3730 Nexø
Cycling route 10: Snogebæk, Hundsemyrevej 1A, 3730 Nexø
Cycling route 10: Pedersker, Østersømarksvej 10C, 3720 Aakirkeby
Cycling route 10: Nylars Church, Kirkevej 10D, 3720 Aakirkeby
Cycling route 22: Almindingen / Hareløkkerne, Segenvej 56, 3720 Aakirkeby
Cycling route 22: Vestermarie town, Vestermarievej 36, 3700 Rønne
Cycling route 23: Nyker bus stop, Nyker Hovedgade 31B, 3700 Rønne
Bike route 23: stop Rø, Klemenskervej 14, 3760 Gudhjem
Cycling route 25: Østerlars, Vinkelvej 17, 3760 Gudhjem
Cycling route 26: Rutsker Højlyng, Slettevej 10B, 3760 Gudhjem

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