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Parkings where it is possible and worthwhile to stay in a campervan.

Some of these car parks are free others are paid, you can stay overnight at some, others not, but it's worth a shortstop.  Here you will also find places where you can plug in.

Ronne Lystbådehavn Nørrekås

Nørrekås 2, 3700 Rønne, Denmark
N 55° 6' 11" E 14° 41' 30" price 213 kr DKK maximum length 10 metres number of places 7 Contact Boat Harbour Road 3700 Rønne Tel: +45 56 92 23 20 Post: [email protected]

Nørrekås is a modern marina and one of the most visited marinas on Bornholm. Amongst other things, the harbour has been refurbished. a. with new floating bridges. The service building has facilities such as a toilet and shower, a coin-operated washing machine, and a service machine with always up-to-date weather forecast.
There is also a café which, together with the harbour master, serves invited sailors. A playground and a swimming area with a pier. There is electricity and water on all bridges, and where there is no red sign, you are welcome as a guest. Inner harbours can also be used for motor and sailboats up to 34 feet.

Parking Søndre Landevej 80

You can't spend the night here, but as you walk out of the car park towards the sea, you'll find a coastal footpath that leads around Bornholm. There is a disabled toilet in the car park. When you reach the beach, you have a breathtaking view of the Bornholm coastline and Soseodde. (not on the map)

Parking Boderne

It is not possible to stay overnight. There is a toilet in the car park. Parking with sea view.

Parking Bakkerne

No overnight stays allowed. There is a toilet with baby changing facilities in the car park. The car park is right on the beach and by a beautiful trail along the coast.

Østre Sømark

It is not possible to stay overnight. The car park is right next to the beach. There is a toilet in the car park. Opening period: from 14 to 42 weeks.

Parking at Jomsfurgard beach

No overnight stays allowed. The car park is right on the beach. There are picnic tables and a dry toilet in the car park. Opening period: from 23 to 35 weeks. This is a favourite spot for surfers and kitesurfers due to the ideal surfing conditions.  

Parking Dueodde

You can't stay overnight, but there are several campsites in the area. One of the more famous car parks on Bornholm. The car park has a disabled toilet with baby changing facilities, open all year round with baby changing facilities. The car park also has an ATM, bus stop and car charging facilities. There are cafés and restaurants right next to the car park. From the car park, you can walk to the most beautiful beach on Bornholm – Dueodde. Dueodde lighthouse is also close by, offering a beautiful view of the dunes, beach and island of Bornholm.

Parking Snogebæk

It is not possible to stay overnight. There is a toilet at the car park. Location: at Folkets Hus in Snogebæk. There is a smokehouse and cafes by the car park. Walking towards the harbour by the water you will come across a shelter with a picnic table where you can have a meal. There is a sauna in the harbour.

There is a car charging station at Snogebæk Røgeri.

Balka beach

Strandvolden 2, 3730 Nexø, Denmark
N 55° 2' 23" E 15° 6' 32" 0 DKK Good parking at the beach Small boat harbour nearby Toilets with hot and cold water Contact information Strandvolden 2, Balka Strand 3730 Nexø
You can stay overnight. There is a disabled toilet with baby changing facilities next to the car park. There is a car charging area next to the hotel Balka Strand.

Port Listed

Strandstien 1G, 3740 Svaneke, Denmark
N 55° 8' 45" E 15° 6' 44" 1/6 - 1/9 Price: 170 kr DKK parking spaces 3 Contact Strandstien 1 H 3740 Svaneke Tlf: +45 56 49 60 90 +45 21 46 37 65 Mail: [email protected]
Despite the fact that Listed is one of the smallest harbours on Bornholm, you will find some attractions here. The island-wide famous restaurant Koefoed, the iconic jewellery shop and the Bay Frost café. The Queen of Denmark owned watches from Sebastian Frost. The flagship shop Madam Stolz – world-famous home decor. And the Duedahl ceramics, known throughout Europe, characterised by their simple forms.

Tejn Harbour

N 55° 14' 52" E 14° 50' 11" All year 0 DKK cars under 9 m number of places 5 Payment by card at the port office. Here you also get codes for toilets and wifi Contact: Beddingsvej 3770 Allinge Tlf: +45 56 92 23 32 Mail: [email protected]
Tejn harbour is one of the largest harbours on Bornholm, with an active commercial fishery. Every year, the largest trolling competition in Europe is held here „Trollingmaster Bornholm” with more than 400 boats gathering every year.

The harbour is also home to the Penyllan brewery and Beerhere, which among other things produce natural beer and there is the opportunity to learn how beer is made. The Bornholms Museum will soon open its doors in Tejn for an international research centre for archaeologists. It must be located in an old cold store by the harbour.


Bornholm Allinge, Denmark, on the other side of the headland of Allinge, a wonderful place for overnight camping, no sign of permission to camp, but the area is suitable for overnight camping, large shelters, a shelter with benches and a fireplace, no drinking water or toilets, but it is located by a wonderful lake and a quarry where seagulls nest, there is also a several hundred meters long tyroleans over the surface of the lake.


Bornholm CD, Allinge, Denmark, concrete and gravel car park on the very shore at the foot of the castle ruins and a small harbour, toilets open during the day, but water available 24h, if you speak English, Danish, you can get a key to the showers available for yachts moored in the harbour, as in all Denmark camping is forbidden, but we slept through the night without problems ????

Port Hasle

Havnen 14, 3790 Hasle, Denmark
N 55° 11' 11" E 14° 42' 15" 06.01 - 15.09 213 kr DKK 12 m 7 on gravel pay by card at the machine in the harbour office. In the harbour, there are showers with a sauna and a bathing area. Post: [email protected]

In Hasle harbour you will find plenty of cafes and restaurants. A little further south is one of Bornholm's more famous smokehouses with a smokehouse museum.

VINGÅRDEN, Lille Gadegård

Søndre Landevej 63, 3720 Aakirkeby, Denmark
N 55 ° 1 '42 "E 14 ° 58 '4" Price DKK 25 per person Winery with wine production and sales. Whisky is also produced here. Concerts are held here every Thursday from May to November. 

tovbanen on Bornholm
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