Antoinette Beach is one of the good sandy beaches in Rønne.

Antoinette beach is a long, sandy beach north of Rønne that stretches all the way to Perfekter beach, near which there is a shelter - free accommodation.
It is very popular, and as it is quite a few hundred metres long along the coast, there is plenty of space for everyone. The sand is light and fine-grained, but there are larger stones in the water near the shore. The northernmost small part of the beach is a nudist beach.
There is a campsite and toilets near the beach.

Antoinette beach Bornholm

Watch out for waves

Beware of the waves, in calm winds small children bathing on the shore may be surprised by the waves coming from the fast ferries between Rønne and Ystad.
Antoinette beach, like Balka and Sandvig, is a beach on Bornholm with lifeguards during the season.

How to get to the beach

The beach can be reached by several different access roads north of Rønne. There is good parking at the beach.

What is worth seeing near the beach?

First of all the island's capital Ronne, offers museums, two lighthouses, the old market and the smallest house on Bornholm. There are also many shops, restaurants and cafes.
Along the beach there are interesting hiking and cycling trails of about 3.5 kilometres that lead you to the three beautifully coloured lakes - Sapphire, Pyrite and Emerald.

lake pyrit
tovbanen on Bornholm
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