Lovely beach in Arnager

Arnager beach, about 8 km from Rønne south of Bornholm airport, offers a beautiful sandy beach. It stretches from a small harbour across the bay to Sose Odde.
Behind the beach, there are occasional slopes and dunes. The town has a local smokehouse where you can buy lots of delicious smoked products, and there is also a cafe and kiosk, galleries and small local shops open during the summer season.
A cycle path leads from Rønne to a small cosy fishing village and on towards Dueodde.

Arnager beach Bornholm

The longest bridge in Northern Europe

Arnager beach has the longest wooden bridge in Northern Europe, leading to the harbour.

Arnager longest wooden bridge

Arnager Smokehouse

About 500m from the beach in a small town there is a smokehouse where the whole family can enjoy a meal, as special "non-fish" dishes for children are also offered here. The smokehouse has plenty of space to enjoy your food both inside and out.

Arnager Smokehouse Bornholm

tovbanen on Bornholm
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