A lovely sandy beach in Boderne

Boderne is a coastal village located between Dueodde and Rønne. It is a small fishing village with a lovely sandy beach and an ice cream parlour. Boderne always has a relaxing and peaceful summer atmosphere where you can completely unwind. The place is not overrun by holidaymakers and its original charm provides peace and warmth in a cosy environment.

The peaceful area is beautifully situated on Bornholm's beautiful south coast. Boderne beach stretches for several kilometres with soft sand and offers many opportunities to find your own place on the dunes. Here children can build sandcastles, play ball and have fun. The beach starts at the small marina, which has a cosy atmosphere and is popular with sailors.

plaża Boderne Bornholm

There are good parking spaces by the beach, and there is both an ice cream parlour and a café which serves sandwiches, among other things. A little further on is the well-known clothing shop Pia Stærmose in a charming half-timbered house with a large selection for women, men and children.

There is parking, toilets and an ice cream parlour by the beach.


Excursions from Boderne beach

Hike along the Læså
North of the harbour runs the river Læså, where children can spend a lot of time and build small dams in the estuary. Læså originates from Bastemose and is the most visited river on Bornholm. There is a beautiful hiking trail along the river, which winds between green meadows and the narrow river valley. During the tour both the stone dolmen and the burial chamber are exciting. The river has been protected since 1977 and has its original, beautifully winding course through the landscape. The whole trip is about 20 kilometres from the mouth of the river at Boderne beach to the source at Bastemose. The route is well signposted and the path is easy to follow. Guided tours are also available.

Bastemose Bornholm

Located near Aakirkeby. The activity centre is always popular with children, with exhibitions on Bornholm's antiquity and modern nature. Qualified nature guides provide exciting and entertaining tours. Bornholm's history dates back 1700 million years and gives an exciting insight into nature. The NaturBornholm Experience Centre also offers guided nature tours.

muzeum Naturbornholm

Restaurant Kadeau
Restaurant Kadeau is located just 4.5 kilometres from Boderne. The excellent restaurant is located on the edge of a dune surrounded by beach and sky, and received its first Michelin star in 2016. Kadeau's mission is to explore regional cuisine based on the changing seasons and local ingredients. They serve both lunch and evening menus. We suggest booking a table in advance, as this is one of the busiest establishments on Bornholm.

kadeau bornholm

tovbanen on Bornholm
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