Sømarken beach

Sømarken consists of Østre Sømark and Vestre Sømark, and the beach, which stretches as far as the eye can see, is located west of Dueodde. Østre Sømark is a small fishing village with Bakkerne Havn and Bakkarøgeriet, and Vestre Sømark is a lovely area of holiday homes.
The beach is very varied with large dune areas. The sand is a little coarser compared to Dueodde, but there are not so many people and it is easy to walk down to the beach.
The water often deepens quickly and there are quite a few large rocks in the water, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage as especially older children can use the rocks to jump into the water.
We can get here by bus 7 + 8 from the harbour in Rønne. Please note that the route is not operated all year round.

Sømarken beach Bornholm

Sømarken harbour

Bakkerne or Sømarken harbour is the smallest harbour on Bornholm, offering commercial fishing and a water depth of just one metre. It has retained its cosy, original charm with an active harbour environment, ice cream parlours and small, old fishermen's huts.

Sømarken harbour

Places to eat


Bakkarøgeriet is located right at the harbour and offers delicious smoked fish according to old craft traditions. You can also eat on the terrace overlooking the beach and harbour, and in summer there are often music events.

Bakkarøgeriet Bornholm

Café Slusegården
Café Slusegården is located a few hundred metres up Øle Å, where you can also see the old watermill. Slusegården offers lunches, sandwiches and sweet treats from Bornholm. Between Café Slusegården and the descent to the beach is a tourist attraction - a stone plaque showing the course of the 15th meridian.

Café Slusegården Bornholm

Slusegård watermilltourist attraction 15th meridian Bornholm

Restaurant Kadeau
Restaurant Kadeau is located in the most remote dune strip overlooking the coast. Here you can experience a unique culinary experience. The food is based as much as possible on ingredients from Bornholm, experimenting with both new and old methods of cooking. You can have both lunch and dinner. We recommend booking well in advance.

Excursions from Sømarken

There are many great excursion opportunities near Sømarken, whether you are outdoors or heading to the entertainment centre. The town of Nexø, Rønne or Almindingen and Ekkodalen are also not far away.

From Sømarken, following the beach south to Dueodde, you can visit the old lighthouse with a wonderful view of the coast and southern Bornholm. Dueodde beach also has one of the finest white sands to be found on Bornholm.
The whole trip is about 8 km along the beach and 10 km by car.

Dueodde Bornholm

NaturBornholm is located approximately 10 km away in Aakirkeby. The NaturBornholm experience centre is always an exciting experience for young and old with a Baltic aquarium and live crocodiles, a bison exhibition, a time machine, earthquakes and dinosaurs. Here you can learn about Bornholm's nature and antiquity.
NaturBornholm also organises guided nature walks.


Hike along Øle Å
Øle å is Bornholm's longest river and the only "mountain stream" in Denmark.
There is no defined hiking route along Øle Å, but you can follow the river for most of its 22 km course. However, parts of the river run through built-up areas or fields where you can't follow the river directly or you have to get permission.
Øle Å meanders 22 km from Sømarken to Ølerne in the eastern part of Almindingen, mostly through spruce forests, moors and heaths. During the trip, you will pass Gryet and enjoy the beautiful river, which meanders over rocks and stones in small streams.
The river restoration is linked to a nature project started in 2013, whereby planted spruce woodland is gradually being removed and replaced with native broadleaved woodland.

Wandering along Øle Å

tovbanen on Bornholm
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