Stampen, Onsbæk and Galløkken beaches

Stampen, Onsbæk and Galløkken beaches are located next to each other on a long beach south of Rønne. The beaches are not that wide, but there is plenty of space and the sand stretches far into the water, which is sometimes broken up by large rocks. The beaches are beautifully situated with steep green slopes behind them. It is easy to get here on foot or by bike. If you come by car, there are parking spaces above the beaches.
There is a campsite directly on the beach, which is ideal for both water sports and relaxation.

Stampen, Onsbæk and Galløkken beaches

The beaches are not disabled-friendly

There are several steep slopes towards the beaches, so there are several steep steps to the beaches. These beaches are not suitable for wheelchair users, those with walking difficulties or those wishing to bring a pushchair.


Parking facilities can be found at Kanondalen and Rønne Vandrehjem.

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