Døndalen - The Most Beautiful Waterfall and Valley in Denmark

In the northeastern part of the charming Danish island of Bornholm, hidden amidst lush forests and steep cliffs, lies one of the most fascinating places - the picturesque Døndalen rift valley. It is not only a natural beauty but also home to an impressive waterfall. Døndaleåen, located in the heart of the valley, drops from a height of about 20 meters, making it the third highest waterfall in Denmark. The northwestern part of Døndalen rises on a 20-meter cliff, and the highlight is the viewpoint called Amtmandsstenen. From here, you can enjoy views of the treetops in the valley, the Baltic Sea, and Christiansø.

Taking a stroll through Døndalen is a pure pleasure. The easiest route to the waterfall is just under 2 km round trip and takes about an hour, leading through wide, well-maintained forest paths. This is an ideal option even for those who are not very experienced hikers or are using smaller strollers. However, the stairs leading to the Amtmandsstenen viewpoint are more challenging, but it's worth conquering them for the breathtaking view.

Døndalen - Najpiękniejszy Wodospad i Dolina w Danii

For more experienced hikers, there is an option to continue the trip beyond the waterfall towards Røvejen. This round trip route is approximately 4 km long and takes about 1.5 hours. From Røvejen, you can admire the entire valley from the opposite side, and during this longer hike, you will notice the difference between the park-like Døndal (from the parking lot to the waterfall) and the rest of the pristine valley, which has retained its original forest character.

During winter and spring, a visit to Døndalen becomes even more unforgettable, especially when the thaw comes after a long and snowy winter. At that time, Døndalåen fills with meltwater, and the waterfall makes a tremendous impression.

Døndalen stands out among other valleys on Bornholm due to its significantly greater width. This is a result of its unique geological origin, which involves a portion of the parent rock sinking below the surrounding terrain, creating a so-called burial depression. Døndalen covers an area of 37 hectares, with approximately one-third being pristine forest rich in a variety of flora and fauna.

Døndalen - dolina szczelinowa

It's worth mentioning that Døndalen has been protected since 1975 and currently belongs to the Danish Nature Foundation. This is a place that every nature enthusiast should visit to discover its natural beauty and extraordinary landscapes throughout the year.

Døndalen - wodospad na Bornholmie

tovbanen on Bornholm
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