Bornholm Bright Green Island

The people of Bornholm, want to be a sustainable, climate-friendly island community by 2035.

They call it Bright Green Island.

In order for the island to have a future for residents and visitors alike, a sustainable way of being an island community that includes Bornholmians, businesses and infrastructure has become important to the residents.


In 2008 the Regional Municipality of Bornholm decided that by 2025 it must be a 100% sustainable and CO2 neutral society, using only sustainable and renewable energy.

Green energy

Today, all the energy that is produced on the island is fossil fuel-free and sourced by wind, solar and biomass. The local utility, Bornholm's Energy and Utilities, produces about 60% of the island's energy needs. The rest is purchased in Sweden and sent via an underwater cable.

Bornholm Energy and Utilities is also deeply involved in research into how best to use green energy. The EcoGrid 2.0 project, involves 1000 farms participating in experiments and providing valuable information to researchers and the energy sector.

Bornholm Energy and Utilities

Sustainable production and consumption

Bright Green Island is also about how residents produce and what they consume. Local businesses are focusing on their production and operational practices to see how they can implement more sustainability.

For example: developing solutions that use resources, such as reusing or recycling waste from one production process for use in another.

Another key ingredient is awareness of the importance of eating locally grown and produced food. There are many quality food products on the island: Bornholms Mosteri (fruit pulp juice and food), butcher Hallegård and Lehnsgaard (produces rapeseed oil). These are some examples of sustainable Bornholm food companies.

butcher Hallegård and Lehnsgaard

Local potential

Bright Green Island is also about how the locals make use of local potential. It is about opening up to fully enjoy the beautiful and unique nature in the form of outdoor activities and active recreation.

Green restaurants and hotels on Bornholm

Being a Green Restaurant means that hotels and restaurants comply with special environmental requirements for building and food preparation. Many hotels and restaurants on Bornholm are certified as. „green restaurants”. You can find them here

One of the leaders in green tourism buildings is → Hotel GSH in Rønne. The renovation of the old Hotel Ryttergården is a good example of sustainable hotel operations. The hotel focuses on sustainable solutions and is a role model throughout Europe. Guesthouses, hostels and campsites on Bornholm are also doing their best to offer sustainable accommodation, for example in the → Bæredygtig Bundlinje Bornholm project. → Bæredygtig Bundlinje Bornholm.

In April 2020. The EU named the island of Bornholm as Europe's most sustainable energy island with the most ambitious and sustainable energy development. Bornholm has already stopped using coal and oil at an early stage. The island has sustainable energy sources such as photovoltaics, windmills and biomass. Bornholm has also invested in long-distance heating and other innovative technologies. All this has resulted in efficient and reduced energy consumption and a large reduction in CO2 emissions.

Sustainable food

Several restaurants and eateries on Bornholm, inspired by the new Nordic Food Culture, serve only local and organic ingredients and food from producers on the island.

Shopping on the island can also be sustainable

On Bornholm we have an exceptionally wide selection of local handicrafts, clothing and textiles, food, wood crafts, furniture and so on. We can also visit the place where these things are made, meet the producers and see how they are made.

Local handicrafts on Bornholm

Sustainable recommendations:

Don't throw your rubbish on the ground; simply dispose of it in the rubbish bin. If possible, sort it appropriately. If you see rubbish on the ground, pick it up if possible and throw it in the rubbish bin.
When you go on a trip, take your own drink bottle with you so that you can refill it throughout the journey. On Bornholm you can drink tap water. Avoid buying bottled water.
You prefer public transport or a bicycle. Here you will find addresses of bike rental companies and bus timetables..
Instead of plastic bags, use reusable bags made of fabric or paper.
When buying souvenirs, choose local products..
When walking along nature trails, follow the marked path.
Have lunch at local restaurants and cafes. VisitBornholm reserves seats in restaurants all over Bornholm for larger groups.
Do your shopping in local shops and markets, or in mini market stalls, which are located around the island at many farms.
Prefer digital (information) material to paper.
Prefer local services and service providers: tour guides and tour operators..
Before buying new furniture or clothing, consider going to an antique or recycling shop.
At your destination, find out from locals where they would recommend going and what you can discover.
Follow the recommendations on site at the property: use towels a few times if possible, don't ask for them to be changed every day, don't let the running water run while brushing your teeth if possible, also sort the trash in your hotel room, etc.
When preparing for your trip, pack as few things as possible and as much as you need.
Don't print out hotel reservations, bus and airline tickets unless requested otherwise; instead, download tickets and booking confirmations to your smartphone.
Plan your trip. Stay in one place for a longer period of time (for example, a week).

tovbanen on Bornholm
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