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Lakes and peat bogs on Bornholm

Lakes and peat bogs on Bornholm

Bornholm has many lakes of different sizes and origins. There are also many small rivers and streams, and large peat areas.

During the Ice Age, glacier masses moved south over the island, leaving a wavy bottom profile with elevations and granite massifs. At that time, moraine lakes were formed in the north of the island as a result of melting ice.

Small lakes and peat bogs on Bornholm

Small lakes and peat bogs on Bornholm

Many of the smaller inland lakes on Bornholm are now peat areas. This is especially true of some lakes in the Almindingen area - the largest forest area on the island. The remaining lakes are covered with grass, reeds and a water lily. The smaller water areas are completely covered with vegetation.

Lake Roso, located in the forested Rø plantation, is a body of water covered with a small pond rose. The lake is valuable not only from a botanical point of view, as the vegetation overgrowing it creates optimal isolation areas for freshwater fish inhabiting it.


Fishing lakes on Bornholm

Small forest lakes, such as the Asedamme in the Almindingen forest, are accessible to anglers, and the tranquility and unique atmosphere of the landscape allow you to completely break away from everyday fishing. Another popular lake for fishing on the island is Krasmoza, a medium-sized lake near the village of Klemensker.

List of all fishing lakes on Bornholm:

Asedam: pike and roach

Dammemosa: pike, crayfish and eel

Ratchet Mosa: summer pike and rainbow trout

Krasmosa: pike, tench and eel

Hammersø: pike, perch and eel

Rubinsø: pike and perch

Safirsø: perch, roach, carp, brown trout

Smaragdsø: sea trout, pike and perch

Snorrebakkesø: pike, perch

Stenbrudssø: zander, tench and rainbow trout in the summer

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Hammersø- the only mountain lake in Denmark

Lakes Hammersø & Opalsø

Lake Hammersø at the foot of the Hammeren plateau is considered to be the largest lake on Bornholm. It is located near the coast in the north of Bornholm, between the Langebjerg heights and the granite Hammeren rocks, and is almost 700 m long and about 150 m wide.

Lake Opalsø is right next door. Both of these water bodies are artificial lakes and are remnants of the old granite quarries, which were flooded with fresh water after their closure. There is a rope installed at Lake Opalso, on which you can go down from the plateau and land in the lake. It takes some courage to participate in this game.

Rubinsø, Smaragdsø and Safirsø

Lakes Rubinsø, Smaragdsø and Safirsø

Many lakes on Bornholm are the result of human activity. For example, while mining hard coal south of Hasle, a deep-water vein was found that has since supplied water to Lake Rubinsø.

The nearby lakes of Smaragdsø and Safirsø, also created by the mining of minerals on the island, are named after the colors that shimmer when the sun shines.

The individual lakes have their own names, such as Stenbrudsø, which was created after the flooding of the old quarry. In the 19th century, granite and gneiss deposits were mined here. The heritage of mining includes lakes, some of which are deep with mostly irregular soil structures.

Panorama 360° Hammersø

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