Bornholm - Treasure Trove of Tradition: Discover Charming Towns and Picturesque Fishing Villages Preserved in Historical Architecture

Bornholm is not only a popular Danish tourist island, but also a treasure trove of cultural and architectural heritage. Among the many tourist attractions, it is worth paying attention to charming towns and picturesque fishing villages, such as Svaneke, which have preserved their original historical architecture. Houses made of brick covered with thatch and picturesque townhouses are just part of the beauty that Bornholm offers. During a visit to this charming island, one can feel transported back in time and immerse themselves in a traditional atmosphere that is absent from many other European cities. Bornholm is the perfect place for history and architecture enthusiasts who want to discover a unique treasure preserved in its original state.

Towns on Bornholm

Bornholm - a charming island in the Baltic Sea, enchanting with its originality and typical Danish island atmosphere. Whether you're in the north, east, south or west, each town maintains its individuality, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Coastal towns and towns in the center of the island exude tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere reminiscent of typical Danish countryside. Small, charming harbors, full of fishing boats and smokehouses, are the heart of each town. And if you want to feel the true spirituality of the island, be sure to visit one of the many churches located in each village.

A unique feature of Bornholm are the wooden houses, most of which are available for rent to tourists. The construction of the houses, combined with spacious natural plots, perfectly fits into the beautiful, picturesque landscape of the island. Staying in such a place allows you to feel relaxed, refreshed and connected with nature.

Bornholm - Charming Towns and Fishing Villages

tovbanen on Bornholm
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