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Towns on Bornholm

The beautiful and very interesting little fishing villages and towns of Bornholm still retain a very traditional feel today. Denmark's smallest and most beautiful town, Svaneke, is located on Bornholm. The half-timbered houses, some with thatched roofs, characterize the historic architecture of Bornholm, which has been almost completely saved from the destruction of the war.

Towns on Bornholm

All towns on Bornholm have retained their originality. Whether in the north, east, south or west, the coastal towns, as well as the towns in the centre of the island, have a typical Danish island atmosphere. The small fishing villages on the coast of the island are particularly typical of Bornholm. The small harbour is usually the centre of the town. It is not uncommon to find a herring smokehouse in the immediate vicinity. Almost every small village has its own church. In all the villages on Bornholm, you will find holiday homes for rent. These are mostly typical Danish wooden houses, which, thanks to their design and mostly spacious natural plots, fit in well with the surrounding landscape.

These are mostly typical Danish wooden houses

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