Largest of the Round Churches of Bornholm

One of the most visited attractions on Bornholm is the round church of Østerlars. It is the largest and oldest round church on Bornholm. Located just north of Østerlars, the whitewashed fortified church is clearly visible from afar. Closer, the visitor will see a well-kept cemetery planted with large chestnut trees, in the center of which stands a magnificent building and an external belfry. There you can find old tombstones with common names on Bornholm such as Kofoed.

Rotunda Church in Østerlars

The round church looks very massive. Heavy walls strengthen the rotunda from the outside. Inside the building there is a middle pillar that is empty inside. There is a baptismal font on the lower floor of the church. Visitors can also visit the second floor, which only served as a shelter and storage room, and the small windows in the walls offer a great view of the surrounding area. Whether by car, bike or on foot - the round church of Østerlars is worth a visit in all seasons and all weathers.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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