Primitive Tent Camping and Shelters on Bornholm

There are many primitive shelters on Bornholm. There are places where you can pitch your own tent on a primitive campsite and other places where you can use a primitive shelter. A shelter is usually a log cabin with an opening and a plank floor that is raised above the ground.

Shelters only offer a "roof over your head" without any facilities such as water or a toilet, which are usually found near shelters. Each such shelter has space for 5-8 people. The shelter can be used for one night and costs nothing. Visitors are expected to leave their belongings tidy.

Shelter addresses

Shelter Hasle Lystskov Fælledvej of. Glasværksvej, Near the coast
Blykobbe Shelter Kulvejen 3, Near the coast
Arnager Shelter Søndre Landevej 44, Near the coast
Boderne Shelter Boderne 1A, Near the coast
Snogebæk Shelter Hovedgade 1L, Near the coast
Nexo Shelter Mosevej 28, West of the town of Nexo
Røstad Shelter Helligdomsvej 8A, Near the coast
Stammershalle Shelter Søndre Strandvej 136, Near the coast
Hammersø Shelter Hammersøvej 4, Near a lake
Hammerhavn Shelter Langebjergvej 84, Next to sandy beach
Vang Granit Shelter Ringedalsvej 12, At the Vang quarry
Kystshelter Kås Jons Kapelvej 5, Next to sandy beach
Ørninge mose Shelter Ørningevej 4, Surrounding the Vestermarie plantation
Gulhave Shelter Gulbakkevejen 6, Near a lake Udkæret
Hareløkkerne Shelter Segenvej of Travbanen, Near a lake Bastemose
Rundemose Shelter Segenvej , Near a lake Bastemose
Lindesbjerg Shelter Las Almindingen , Near a lake Bastemose
Shelter Ravnedalen Borrelyngvej 58 , Rift valley Ravnedalen
Shelter przy Præstemosen Fabriksvej , Klemensker area
Østerlars Shelter Vinkelvej , Near a lake Østerlars
Pedersker Shelter Ølenevej , Pedersker area
Lynggårdsskoven Shelter Ølenevej 73 , Pedersker area

Rules on free camping in forests

Camping can only take place in wooded areas in selected forests.

1. You may only stay one night at the same place.
2. A maximum of two tents may be pitched at the same site.
3. Tents must not exceed three people.
4. The tents must be out of sight of commercial and residential buildings, including e.g. neighbors and campsites, as well as car roads.
5. The use of open fires is only permitted in designated campfire areas.
6. You may only use a field kitchen if you are using a cooker with a closed burner, such as a Trangia. To reduce the risk of fire, do not place the field kitchen on leaves, needles, or other flammable material - you can place it on a stone or similar non-flammable material.
7. Please note that the forest may be closed to the use of open fires, campfires, etc. due to drought, and the use of a field kitchen is also prohibited.
8. Motorized transport is not permitted on forest roads.
9. tents are not permitted on beaches, dunes, meadows, moorland, heathland, fields, etc., or other clearings belonging to designated woodland.
10. Clean up after use and take your waste with you.
11. Also remember that noisy behavior, including the use of radios, speakers, musical instruments, etc. in a noisy manner, is illegal.

Map of primitive campsites and shelters

tovbanen on Bornholm
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