Cheap Campsites (Lejrplads) on Bornholm

The cheapest accommodation can be found on farms at Bornholm's farmers. The cost is approximately DKK 20/40 per night. Most often, guests have access to a latrine and a cold water tap. There are also farms that offer a place to prepare a meal or a storage room for bicycles. For an additional fee, you can use the shower at the host's house or in a designated place. From some owners can buy fresh fruit, vegetables or eggs, and even milk straight from the cow. The farms are marked with the word Lejrplads or Telt with a tent symbol.

Campsite addresses

Hvide enge bornholmSegenvej 42 Rønne
Lejrplads EgeløkkeMoseløkkevej 5 Allinge
Lejrplads SlettegårdGudhjemvej 35 Gudhjem
Lejrplads BaunehøjSkrædderbakkevejen 4 Rønne
Aakirkeby CampingHaregade 23 Aakirkeby
Vingården Lille GadegårdLandevej 63 Aakirkeby
Lejrplads Ellesgård ParadisbakkerneIbskervej 35 Svaneke

Information about cheap campsites

Lejrplads Egeløkke Allinge
There are two camping sites next to the Egelokke farm. The first one is situated on the lawn, right behind the farm, on the very edge of the forest. The second square, which can be used after July 15, is located on a lea about 300 meters into the forest, next to a small forest lake. In the vicinity of the farm there is the Møselokken Stenbruds museum. The nearest store is about two kilometers away. There is a bicycle route next to the farm.

In the vicinity we can see:

Lejrplads Baunehøj
The campsite has a beautiful location 7 km from the island's capital Ronne. The cheap camping site is located approx. 2 km from the airport and picturesque town of Arnager with a beach, longest wooden bridge in Denmark and the fish smokehouse.

In the vicinity we can see:
Lejrplads Vingården Lille Gadegård (Vineyard)
The camping site is located in a large lea next to Denmark's largest vineyard, 28,000 m2. For those who want to spend their time on the beach of Sømarken, this camping ground has the most central location. Within three kilometers, there is a Brugsen shop, open daily from 8am to 6pm, a restaurant with a sea view, a beautiful beach with fine white sand, a bakery and the Pedersker Church.

In the vicinity we can see:
Lejrplads Slettegård
This beautifully situated campground is surrounded by a rustling brook and steep rocks. When camping here, you can feel like you are in the heart of nature, secluded but close to many of Bornholm's most popular attractions. On the farm, it is also possible to rent a modern and comfortable apartment for the duration of your stay.

In the vicinity we can see:
Lejrplads Ellesgård Paradisbakkerne FIELD CLOSED UNTIL APPEALS
The campsite is located in a lea, on the edge of the forest, on the Oksemyrevej road - this is the road leading to the fantastic natural area of ​​Paradisbakkerne. Early in the morning, the sun encourages you to leave your tent and enjoy the beautiful view with the Baltic Sea in the background. When camping in the local lea, it is worth leaving your bike at least for one day and taking a wonderful walk admire the beautiful nature on the Paradisbakkerne hills. After a walk, it is worth going to the seaside in Aarsdale, there are very good conditions for swimming there. At Ellegaard farm you can buy firewood.

In the vicinity we can see:

Please note that wild camping is not allowed in all of Denmark, as well as on Bornholm but there are primitive Campsites, shelters and Ro Plantage where you can camp for free.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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