Kayaking in Bornholm: Discover Extraordinary Adventures on the Sea Waters!

Do you dream of a unique water experience that allows you to get closer to nature? Join us for an exciting kayak trip along the picturesque shores of Bornholm! These unforgettable adventures are available all year round and are dedicated to everyone, regardless of age or experience.

Our main goal is to provide you not only with well-organized but also safe kayak expeditions. During our sea trips, you can enjoy the fresh sea air and the beauty of Denmark's diverse nature. Every moment spent on the water is a special time that will create unforgettable memories for you.

Are you wondering if we can cater to your needs? Of course, we can! We also offer private kayak tours, which are perfect for companies, families, and couples. We can customize the duration and theme of the tour to meet your expectations. The only limit is your imagination!

You don't have to worry about experience in sea kayaking. Our guides are trained and experienced, and they adjust the pace during the trips so that everyone can enjoy this extraordinary experience. For children under 14 years old, we recommend kayaking in a tandem kayak with an adult.

We invite you to embark on a kayak adventure in Bornholm, where you will not only encounter exciting nature and emotions but also find peace and harmony with the surrounding world. Reserve your expedition today and discover the charms of the sea waters in a unique way!

Trip to Hammerhus from 449 DKK  

Guided kayaking ∙ 2 hours

Kayaking in Bornholm: Discover the Charms of Hammerhavnen and Unforgettable Views of Hammershus!

Magical Hammerhavnen: Join us on an extraordinary guided kayak excursion to Hammerhavnen - one of the most beautiful places in Denmark to commune with nature. Feel the closeness to nature as you paddle along these picturesque shores.

Family-friendly and Beginner-friendly: Our tour is perfect for families and those who are new to kayaking. You don't need prior experience - our guides will provide a brief instruction on sea kayaking to ensure you feel confident on the water.

Choice of Kayaks: You have the option to choose a single or double kayak to accommodate your preferences and needs. You can share the adventure with a loved one or enjoy solitude, immersing yourself in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Dramatic Cliffs: Marvel at the breathtaking views of the dramatic cliffs, which are a distinctive feature of Bornholm. Their majestic rock formations create an incredible impression and add a touch of magic to your kayak expedition.

Hammershus and Surroundings: During our tour, you'll have the opportunity to admire the extraordinary view of Hammershus - the largest castle ruin in Scandinavia. As you paddle around, you'll also discover the rocky cave Våde Ovn, as well as the impressive cliffs of Lovehovedet and Kamelhovederne, which will leave you in awe.

Trip to Hammerhus

Excursion from Sandvig from 449 DKK

Guided kayaking ∙ 2 hours

Kayaking to Hammeroddefyr: Discover the magic of cliffs and the lighthouse in Bornholm!

Breathtaking cliffs: Would you like to see one of the most beautiful cliffs in northern Bornholm? Join us on an amazing guided kayak tour from Sandvig and get ready for stunning views. These majestic cliffs will provide you with unforgettable experiences and reveal Bornholm from a completely new perspective.

Family-friendly and beginner-friendly: Our tour is perfect for families and beginner kayakers. Regardless of your experience, our guides will provide you with support and instructions to make you feel comfortable on the water. It's a unique opportunity to spend time with loved ones and create unforgettable memories.

Hammer Odde Lighthouse: During our kayak journey, you'll have the opportunity to sail along the impressive Hammer Odde Lighthouse. This historic tower illuminating the maritime routes adds a special charm to your adventure. Admire its architecture and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of maritime magic.

Experienced guides: Our guides are experienced and prepared to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire tour. You can rely on their knowledge and skills, as well as their passion for discovering the secrets of Bornholm. They will lead you through the entire journey, sharing interesting facts and stories.

Skærgaard atmosphere: During the trip, you'll feel the unique atmosphere of Skærgaard - the archipelago area in Bornholm. Along with the waves murmuring under the kayak and the beautiful views, you'll feel like an explorer, exploring the wild and untouched nature.

Choice of kayaks: We offer the option to choose between single or double kayaks, tailored to your preferences and needs. Whether you want to share the adventure with a loved one or prefer solitude on the water, you have complete freedom of choice.

Personalized Kayaking Adventures: Your Own Kayaking World, Created According to Your Dreams!

Design your own sea kayaking trip from 395 DKK per person

Hammerhavn, Sandvig Strand or Aarsdale

Fully Customized to Your Needs: Would you like to have a unique kayaking experience that perfectly suits your preferences? With us, you can organize a private sea kayaking tour that fulfills all your wishes. Whether you prefer long routes, dynamic speed, or multiple stops, we can tailor every aspect of the expedition to your requirements.

Create Your Adventure: Duration, intensity, group size, and the number of stops - it's all in your hands. You can imagine the perfect kayaking trip, and we will make your dreams come true. There are no limits to your imagination!

Unforgettable Moments on the Water: A private kayaking tour is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends, family, or your loved one. Every moment spent on the water will be unique and full of excitement. Whether it's a romantic getaway for two, a fun-filled family expedition, or a friendly adventure, we can provide you with a remarkable experience.

Leading You through Safety: Our experienced guides will take care of your safety and comfort throughout the entire journey. They will accompany you, sharing their knowledge about the area and providing assistance whenever needed. You can fully trust our professionalism and expertise.

Surrounded by Uniqueness: Discover not only the beauty of nature but also feel one-of-a-kind. A private kayaking tour gives you a chance to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy, where all the attention is focused on you and your needs.

Plan your unique kayaking adventure and let us create unforgettable moments on the water for you. Our private kayaking tour is like a blank canvas that you can paint with your dreams. Seize this opportunity and discover the magic of kayaking in your own style!

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