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Why is Bornholm ideal for photography?

Bornholm's greatest asset is undoubtedly its great variety of landscapes. Picturesque, majestic, steep cliffs in the north and fine sand beaches in the south, dunes, peat bogs, heathland, ravines and gullies, waterfalls, fertile valleys, patches of bear garlic, and anemones, coastal boulders and rocks.

The combination of rock, sun, and sea has also made Bornholm's fauna unique. The rocks and water retain heat when the summer is over, so the summer period on the island is long, warm, and sunny, with the highest number of hours of sunshine on the Baltic. Bornholm has an extended and sunny "golden autumn", which is of course very good for plants and animals. Peaches, figs, and mulberries are a common feature of the vegetation grown, for example, against the southern walls of houses. Bornholm's golden autumn is also good for viticulture.

Sample photo tour

Our open air subjects:

1. charming and varied outdoor locations – majestic granite cliffs, Europe's most beautiful Dueodde beach, crystal clear sea water, blue sky, harsh sun and absolutely wild nature.

2. beautiful island architecture: white Romanesque churches from the 12th century in the shape of a rotunda, the largest medieval castle ruins in northern Europe – Hammershus, a sea fortress on the rocky island of Christiansø, historic windmills, fishermen's houses, ships on the roadstead.

Bornholm's architecture - a photo excursion

Take along any of your favorite photographic equipment - analog or digital SLR, compact camera, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, flash, tripod, polarizing and halftone filters, a release cable, lots of films, and whatever else you like... This is not a photography workshop - here no one will lead you by the hand, there will be no boring lectures, assessments, etc.

You take pictures of whatever you like, and while taking pictures you can take advice from the photographer, or exchange your own experiences with other participants of the trip. If you wish, you won't even have to follow the planned tourist program - you can fully devote yourself to one topic, which will turn your head, and no one will rush you or stress you out!

This trip is a pleasure of foreign travel, combined with photography. The venture is designed for tourists and photography enthusiasts of all levels.

Photo tour on Bornholm


1 day
Arrive in Rønne, drive along the west coast of the island. On the way stop at Jons Kapel. This is the 22-meter high rock from which the monk Jon used to convert the people of Bornholm to Christianity. It is full of caves and hollows, which have been named after the legendary monk. There are 108 steps leading up to the preaching area. Behind the rock is a 40-meter-high granite cliff face. From this height, the coastline of nearby Sweden is perfectly visible. Photo session. Drive to Sandvig, accommodation, rest, dinner, evening photo session in Sandvig.
Day 2
A photo session at dawn - sunrise over the sea, breakfast. A cruise to Christiansø, an archipelago 9 Mm NE of Bornholm, must not be missing from our holiday program. The unusual, almost exotic landscape of Christiansø and Frederiksø has attracted artists for many years. More than 300 years ago a fortress was built on the two main islands of the archipelago, which rarely witnessed battles of the war and was more often used by buccaneers. After breakfast, drive to Gudhjem, cruise to Christiansø. A photo session on the island. On your return, you will go to Dueodde, which has some of the most beautiful beaches on Bornholm, with very fine sand, turquoise water, and dunes. Another open-air photographic session. On the way back, if time allows, a drive to the Hundse Myr game reserve - a bird breeding area. Return to hotel, dinner, time to relax, overnight photo session. Overnight.
Day 3
Slightly later breakfast, drive to Gudhjem and a small boat trip to Hellingsdomklipperne to admire the granite cliffs from the sea - photo session. After the tour, walk around Gudhjem and up to Bokul Mountain, which is an excellent viewpoint. There is a wonderful view of the town with its towering windmill and the sea with the island of Christiansø visible on the horizon. Drive to the northern tip of Hammeren, where there is a marina for tourist yachts, 2 lighthouses, and very interesting ruins of medieval castle Hammershus. The big attraction here is the interesting vegetation - amazing heathland and oak, birch, and pine trees bent into interesting forms by strong winds. Photo session. Return to hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 4
Very early in the morning departure for Rønne (instead of breakfast you will get a packed lunch), boarding the ferry.

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One of the great things about Bornholm is the great variety of landscapes. Picturesque, majestic, steep granite cliffs in the north and fine sand beaches in the south, heathland, waterfalls, bearded garlic and anemones, coastal boulders, and rocks.

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