Næs Beach - On the outskirts of Allinge

Just below Allinge Badehotel is Næs beach. The beach itself is one of the smaller ones, but definitely worth a visit. The sand at Næs is a bit coarser, and there are also more stones on the beach.
Næs is less than 100 metres from Nordbornholms Røgeri.
There is a large concrete bathing platform on the beach, right on top of the rocks with a ladder down to slightly deeper water. From the beach it is close to the town of Allinge, guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

Coastal walking path

You can also take a walk along the beautiful coastal path to Sandkås. The path is not difficult to walk and we can definitely recommend it!

Parking places

From the car park at Løsebæksgade, a path leads down to the beach.

Næs beach Bornholm

tovbanen on Bornholm
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