Sandkås beach

This is one of the few sandy beaches in the north-east of Bornholm, as there are many cliffs along the coast. Sandkås is located between Allinge and Tejn and is an incredibly beautiful beach with a mixture of rocks and sand. Due to its location between the cliffs, it offers good shelter and great views. The trees surrounding the beach make it difficult for passers-by to notice the place. That's why it is almost exclusively used by Bornholm residents. But by getting to know this beautiful beach, we know why Sandkås Strand is called one of Bornholm's "secret gems".

The walking path to Tejn

A beautiful coastal path starts at Sandkås Strand beach. If you walk south, you will reach the small fishing village of Tejn-Sandkås, where you will find shops, cafes and a local brewery - where on a hot day, you can treat yourself to a cold beer at the local Penyllan. This brewery has already won many awards across Europe for its good beer.

Sandkås beach Bornholm

We can also take the coastal path north to Allinge, where we walk between the rocks and the sea. The trip to Allinge is actually quite short, but we will probably spend some time there as we often have to stop and enjoy the fantastic sea views.

A walk to Allinge - harbour atmosphere and medieval adventures

In the harbour of Allinge, sailors, cafés and shops create a wonderful harbour atmosphere. We can sit in a café and enjoy our holiday while sipping a delicious coffee. Or we can visit one of the town's herring smokehouses, which offers many delicious fish dishes.
The coastal path continues from Allinge to Sandvig and the largest castle in Northern Europe: Hammerhus, which was an impregnable fortress in medieval Denmark. There are also many other sights around Hammershus - for example, the rock formation Kamelhovederne and the old granite quarries, which have now been turned into beautiful lakes.
Bornholm can also be explored from the water with a boat trip along the coast.

walking path to Allinge

A trip to Gudhjem

South of Sandkås is Gudhjem, from where you can sail to the island of Christiansø, which was Denmark's advanced naval base in the Baltic Sea in the 19th century. The naval base was a thorn in the side of the English, who bombed the island several times. Cannons still stand here, and a visit to the island takes you back almost 300 years.
It's also worth a trip to Almindingen, for example, Denmark's third-largest forest, where you can see the last bison in Europe. And if you like to play golf, the unique and beautiful golf course at Rø is sure to enchant.

Facilities at Sandkås Beach

At the beach there is parking, toilets, a summer kiosk and a swimming pier.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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