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The Danish island of Bornholm is an island of contrasts - cliffs and beaches, forests and fields, plains and mountains. The landscape is very varied and therefore the island is ideal for tourists on bikes. In addition to the beautiful landscape, cyclists benefit from many particularly well-developed cycle paths, which cover the whole island like a dense network. All holiday homes on Bornholm are connected to the cycle path network. For those who don't come with their own bike, there is a bike rental at almost every place.

With your bike on Bornholm

Hiking and trekking on Bornholm

Hikers also have access to a very varied landscape on the island. Whether it's a walk on the beach, a hike on the heath, or a climb over the steep cliffs in the north - Bornholm is a hiker's paradise. There is always something to discover on the island. There is always something to discover on Bornholm, especially beautiful coastal walks along the whole coast of the island. From the coast, you can also follow one of the many small valleys into the interior of the island and discover one of Bornholm's hidden waterfalls. On a hike, through the Dueodde pine forest, you can step back in time and visit old bunkers, built by the German army during the Second World War.

Walking on Bornholm

Running around Bornholm

When you go jogging on Bornholm you share the paths with cyclists and walkers. You can run anywhere on Bornholm, whether on the beach, on the many cycle paths, streets or through the many small towns on the island. Running events on Bornholm have become increasingly popular in recent years. In particular the Bornholm Marathon "Etape Bornholm", where you run a marathon around the island in five days. But the range of running events is much larger, and includes extreme runs such as the Salomon Hammer Trail and the "Tri over Gudhjem" triathlon, or the Dirt Extreme cross-country race.

Surfing and kite surfing on Bornholm Surfing and kitesurfing

The flat beaches on the south coast of Bornholm are ideal for surfing and kite surfing. Balka beach is particularly popular with surfers. There is even a surf school there. So if you go on a surfing holiday on Bornholm, you'll find optimal conditions at Balka beach.

Surf Bornholm

Golf holidays Golf holidays

Three golf clubs on Bornholm ensure that you can plan your golf holiday on the island. The golf courses are well distributed across the island. The Bornholm Golf Club is located right on the border of the capital Rønne in the direction of Aakirkeby. Even when arriving on Bornholm by plane, it is very close to this club. The second golf course, Gudhjem Golf Club, is located in the north of Bornholm, in the small town of Rø. It invites you to play golf right next to the old mill. Those who prefer to visit the south of the island, with its snow-white sandy beaches, will find their golfing paradise at Nexø Golf Club near Dueodde.

Explore golf on Bornholm

Sailing holidays on Bornholm

Bornholm is an island, and what could be more natural than exploring it from the sea! Sailing holidays are attractive for both beginners and experienced skippers. The numerous small harbors on Bornholm invite you for short breaks and stops and are always a place where sailors can find shelter in bad weather. When the weather is good, Bornholm shows its most beautiful face from the sea - hills, beaches, cliffs, and small fishing villages - all arranged in an interesting mix for the viewer.

Sailing on Bornholm

Diving holidays on Bornholm

Divers will also find interesting places to dive in the waters around Bornholm. Apart from sunken wrecks and even a submarine, you will find a partly untouched underwater world around Bornholm, which due to its inhabitants and numerous cliffs and rocks remains interesting even for experienced divers.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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